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7 Simple House Cleaning Tips

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Staying healthy doesn’t only depend on your food habits or exercising style. Staying within a neat and clean atmosphere also plays a vital role in keeping you at good health.

How irritated you will feel when you see a messed up and dirty house after returning your home after a tiring day, right? You forget that this mess up was done only by you or your family members.

So, practice staying clean and make your family follow the same too. With simple house cleaning tips, you can keep your surroundings clean.

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House cleaning means not only cleaning the building, but also cleaning the surrounding. You definitely don’t want to live with all the shrubs, leaves and bushes lying around.

So, cut the grass on a timely basis and keep your lawn trimmed to make your house look clean and fresh. There are several tips and tricks for house cleaning, which you can perform easily.

You will feel good if you live in a clean house too. Also, if you have toddlers in your house, they'll have the habit of putting everything into their mouth. If you don’t clean the floors and walls regularly, your children can be contaminated easily with diseases.

So, here are some simple house cleaning tips, which can be handy, and it doesn’t take much time to be completed either. Read on to know more about the tips and tricks for cleaning your house.


1. Clean Your Bathroom:

This is the most important thing that you'll need to do. If you don't clean your bathroom regularly, it will make you feel ashamed in front of your guests. Also, you can be attacked by several bacteria and viruses. Always keep the basin and floors clean and dry.


2. Clean Your Kitchen:

The list of simple house cleaning tips will include this too. This is the place where you cook. So, how can you keep the area dirty? Remove food spills from the oven, change wiping clothes regularly and keep your utensils and drawers clean to avoid a germ attack.


3. Clean The Floors:

Regular sweeping and cleaning is very necessary to keep the floor clean. Instead of using chemicals, use lemon juice or vinegar to your cleaning water. You'll see how fast you can get rid of the odour and the floor will be crystal clean too.


4. Clean The Spider Web:

It looks very awkward to have spider webs at every corner of your house. So, take a long brush and remove all the dust and spider web. Don't forget to cover your face, so that the dust particles don't enter inside your nose and clog the air passage. Consider it one of the simple house cleaning tips.


5. Clean Your Sink:

The sink of your kitchen is used continuously. You must have seen water marks on it and with time, it becomes duller. Also, you can't avoid the stinky smell too. Lemon or vinegar solution is the best to remove the stains, while baking powder can make it look as shiny as new.


6. Clean Glass Doors:

If you have glass doors in your cabinets, dust can make those look blurred and scratched. It is very important to clean those, so that you can look through it. Take glass cleaners and a paper towel and clean the glasses and mirrors of your house thoroughly.


7. Clean Your Surroundings:

Cleaning your house is not the only thing to stay fresh. Trim grasses of your lawn and remove all the twigs and unwanted shrubs from your garden. Don't throw garbage around your house. Use dustbin and clean the bin regularly.

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Story first published: Friday, April 15, 2016, 22:30 [IST]
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