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How To Make Black Floor Tiles Appear Shiny

By: Debdatta Mazumder

White murals on the walls and black tiled floors! Well, your room will look awesome with such a beautiful form of interior designing, isn't it? Have you brought your dream house yet? Now, is the time to go in for interior decoration.

However, it is highly important to keep your house neat and clean and not just beautiful. Black and designer floor tiles look awesome, but you need to take a good care of it to keep it looking perfect and shiny. Hence, if you are looking for how to make black floor tiles appear shiny, here's your answer!

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Before that, it is important to know where you are going to fix black tiles in your house. If it is for the bathroom, you'll need separate tips than the ones you'll need to clean black floor tiles of the kitchen.

For bathroom, you can use chemical floor cleaners weekly to clean it. And, sometimes, you can use a vinegar-water solution as well.

But, kitchen floor gets greasy and dull, as it absorbs oil. Within a few days, it will start losing its lustre. Given below are a few important tips on how to make black floor tiles appear shiny.

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Not only for the floor tiles, but you can keep black tiles of the wall looking shiny and clean as well by knowing certain tips and hacks. So, here are some of the easy tips for making black tiles appear shiny using simple, natural ingredients, do take a look.


1. Vinegar And Water Solution:

Try this method. Black tiles often get dull faster than other types of tiles. If the shine is lost, it can look awful. Add 1 cup of vinegar into a bucket of water and mop the floor with it regularly. It'll definitely help you achieve a shiny black floor!


2. Lemon And Water:

Do you need to clean your floor faster, as you have guests coming in? Then, cut some lemons into halves and mix lemon juice into some water contained in a bucket. Now, mop your floor well. It not only brings back the shine, but also removes any scratch on the floor.


3. Fabric Softener And Water:

Yes, you can try this method as well to make your black floor appear shiny. But, you can't leave the solution on the floor; otherwise, it will create irritating marks. Wring the mop head well and then mop the floor.


4. Ammonia:

Take a bucket full of water and mix a cup of ammonia to it. Mix the solution well. Now, clean your floor well using this solution. Ammonia has a strong odour. So, open the windows while mopping and also let your room be well ventilated to get rid of any odour. This is how to make black floor tiles appear shiny.


5. Seal Your Floor:

Many interior decorators suggest this method. You can easily get rid of regular dirt and grime, and also you don't need to mop your floor regularly. A sealant can absorb oil and dust and keep your black floor shiny and clean.


6. Alcohol Mixture:

You can also use rubbing alcohol to bring back the shine of the black ceramic-tiled floors. Make a solution of a bucket full of water and one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Mix it well and mop the floor with it. After that, you can dry your floor to avoid the water marks.


7. Warm Water And Soap Solution:

If you have black marble, never use anything acidic, as it might cause a decay. A solution of warm water and dish soap is enough to make your floor appear clean and shiny. So, try these easy tips to make your black floor tiles appear shiny!

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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