5 Best Ways To Use Plastic Bottles

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Use Plastic Bottles
Plastic bottles are definitely the most non eco-friendly materials but there are some good uses of them. For your simple home decor they can work the best. Here are the ideas to use the discardable material for beautifying your home interiors. Take a look.

Gardening Using Plastic Bottles
The old juice bottles and plastics can be washed in plain water and allowed to dry for a few days. For you small balcony garden, they can serve as ideal containers. 'No soil' plants like orchids, money plants can planted in these bottles. The evergreen plants look beautiful in bottles.

If you didn't have a balcony, it is still not a problem. Explain your ideas about having a garden in the apartment. Collect 1.5 litre juice bottles, create a square shaped opening on the cylindrical portion. Hang the edges of the bottle (from fence) using metallic twine (horizontally). Fill some soil and plant small shrubs such a coriander and ferns.

Home Lighting Using plastic Bottles
Collect the similar shaped bottles. These bottles can be used to decorate your old lampshade. Measure the lampshade length to the bottle length and chop the extra portion (the nozzle portion). Cover the shade with the equally cut bottles and glue it with fevicol or any adhesive. The transparent bottles reflect light and look fashionable.

Candle Stands Using plastic Bottles
You can shape them the way you want and place colourful candles. They are excellent stands. Look pretty and unbelievable.
Cut the cylindrical part and fill it with sand. Gold and silver sparklers can decorate the cover. A vintage candle stand is ready.

Decorative Home Ornaments Using Plastic Bottles
Those green 7up or sprite bottles can be used to make trendy and fashionable home ornaments. Make funky designs (like curves, triangles randomly) using the green material and punch the ends. Make an ornament using a yarn and hang it to the pelmelts.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 17:20 [IST]
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