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What To Do With The Expired Cosmetics? - Part 2

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Expired Cosmetics
And if you feel that applying these expired cosmetics are not good enough even on body then you definitely have another option. The option that we referring is your “home". The old cosmetics and other outdated beauty products can be used for a lot of purposes at home. Today, let's unwrap those simple housekeeping tips that will help you make use of the products which you thought would be of no use. Take a look.

Using Old And Expired Cosmetics -
1. Your nail polish remover is the best house cleaning agent you could have ever imagined. The permanent marker stains on bottles, plastic mugs can be easily wiped off with the thinner. Old nail polish removers can also be used to cleans metal taps and for the water marks on bath accessories.

2. Old and outdated products like nail enamel, both transparent and colored, can be used on old and dull looking jewellery. They can also be used as paints on glass and clay.

3. The fake eyelashes can be used for the eyelashes of the dolls, toys and show pieces. This helps in giving the articles a “3 D" effect.

4. Expired cosmetics like makeup removers can effectively clean your adhesive, greasy and oily hands.

5. Outdated products like vaseline can be used on metallic hinges, to stick molds so as to prevent abrasions. Vaseline can also be used on pets.

6. Old tweezers and nail files can be used for craft and clothing repairs. They work like a mini version of screw drivers and cutting players.

7. Old make up brushes, combs and toothbrushes can be used to dust shelf corners as well as stuff toys.

8. Fashionable crystal scent bottles and lotion bottles can be washed and used as miniature vases and show pieces. To know more about using such products click here.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 9, 2011, 13:10 [IST]
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