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Summer Lawn Care Tips

By Debdatta Mazumder

Summer has kicked in full fledged and you are already sweating and trying every means to avoid the scorching sun. In such cases, always keep yourself hydrated and never go out without a sunscreen.

Now, there are lots of ways you can try to keep yourself safe during the Summer season. Have you ever thought that the plants and trees of your garden need a special care too?

Those get burnt in the burning sun and your garden looks lifeless and colourless. With summer lawn care tips, you can make your garden look lively.

Gardening Tips For Summer

Actually, summer is the time when lots of flowers bloom and they have a refreshing aroma, which can wipe out your tiredness after a tiring day.

But, to get the maximum yield, you need important summer lawn care tips. If you just have a lawn with soft grass, you need to maintain it properly, so that walking barefoot on it gives you subtleness.

While buying any summer plants or seeds from the nursery, the keeper will advice you on how to take care of those specific species. With general summer lawn care tips, you can keep your garden lively and delicate in these summer days.

Vegetables To Grow In Summer Garden

So, here are some of the important summer lawn care tips to help you out. Try these and enjoy a green garden when you see no sign of rain during the Summer months.


1. Mow The Lawn:

While mowing, don't cut the grass too short. If those are kept long, the soil of the garden will remain covered and healthy. Besides, the tall blades of the grass soak sun rays enough and use it for making nutrients for the roots and soil.


2. Water Frequently:

This is one of the best and important summer lawn care tips. For the healthier plants and grass, you need to know how to water them. Usually, you should water your garden every week and water it early in the morning, so that the soil absorbs it before it gets evaporated.


3. Use Fertilisation:

Consult to any nursery, as they can advice you about the best fertilisers for summer plants. Try to use organic fertilisers, as those help in the growth of the plants by increasing the quantity of nutrients in the soil.


4. Remove The Weeds:

Are you looking for appropriate summer lawn care tips? Then follow this one. Weeds are the villain for your garden. They are the one responsible in making your garden look ugly and they also grow very fast. So, remove them as soon as possible.


5. Remove Pests:

Summer is the season of several bugs like June beetles, etc. Those lay eggs on the grass and strive on the leaves of the plants. Remove pests as soon as possible, otherwise they will ruin your garden. This is obviously one of the vital summer lawn care tips.


6. Don’t Drive Or Park Your Cars:

Everyone wants a lively green lawn with soft grass and little and colourful grass flowers. Parking or driving on the lawn is the worst idea, as it causes soil compaction and a lot of other difficulties like dead grass.


7. Pick Up Everything From The Lawn:

Having a lawn means kids playing there often, you having your evening tea, sitting on the lawn chairs, enjoying the sunset, etc. However, don't let the things you used stay there. Pick up the toys, chairs, barbaque stand from the lawn and save the turf crowns.

Story first published: Monday, March 28, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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