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Tips On How To Keep Apartment Plants Alive

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Most modern houses are apartment based; and due to poor ventilation and lack of space, people avoid looking after plants at home. However, recent experts state that it is mandatory to have at least one live plant amidst your happy home, so that it purifies the air and brightens the look of your house.

Since this is suggested for you to follow, keeping the apartment plants alive can be a dicey challenge, as plants require a good amount of sunlight to keep themselves healthy. If your apartment lacks a portico or balcony, placing the live plant near an open window is the best way to care for the plant. On the other hand, you can also opt for a heater or warmer appliance to help keep the plant alive and healthy.

Today, Boldsky suggests some of the best gardening tips to follow, which will help keep the apartment plants alive. Follow these simple tips and care for your indoor plants, as they can provide you with rich oxygen and are really good for your health too.

Now, let us discuss on how to keep your plants alive.

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Pick That Right Plant
First and foremost, it is important to select the right kind of a house plant. Aloe vera, snakeplant and African voilets are some of the best apartment plants that tend to last longer when kept in an apartment. These beautiful plants do not require too much of sunlight as well.

how to keep apartment plants alive

An Open Window
Place the plant near an open window. In this way, the plant can absorb the carbon dioxide in the air and receive ample sunlight for its growth. Make sure that the plant is watered well before it is placed in sunlight. This is one of the simplest tips to keep apartment plants alive for a longer period of time.

Never Over Water It
It is important to water the indoor plant. However, it is also important not to over water it, as this silly mistake can make the plant drown and die. There are some indoor plants that don't require too much of water. It is best to go in for those plants, since it is more easy to maintain them.

how to keep apartment plants alive

Artificial Light
If your apartment lacks sunlight, make sure that the room has an artificial light. The plant needs some kind of warmth for its growth and to keep itself alive. This is an important tip to keep the apartment plant alive in your home.

Don't Keep Shifting It
Did you know that shifting or rearranging the plant can eventually lead to its death? Scientists state that plants get attached to their place and shifting them often can put them in a state of shock. This is one of the best ways to keep plants alive in your apartment.

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