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10 Tips to Care for House Plants

By Debdatta Mazumder

How does it feel when after a tiring day a beautiful aroma of jasmine welcomes you with its eye-soothing colour? Or, when your recipes are admired because of using secret herbs like basil, rosemary or oregano? Because of your lifestyle you don’t get chance to live in greeneries.

The urban grayness makes you feel monotonous and melancholic. So a little lively green corner in your house soothes your eyes, refresh your mind and cheer you up for the next.

Therefore, if you keep house plants in your room, you need to know about the tips to care for house plants. Every plant requires special care.

Gardening Tips For Summer

Some want bright light, some thrive in shades and likewise. So, for keeping the plants lively and green, you must be aware of proper ways to take care of house plants.

There are many ways to take care of house plants. To help you, some tips to care for house plants are mentioned here.

Know The Watering Tricks

Every plant needs water to make their food. But you must know the proper way to water them. There is a whole in every pot to drain the water. So water plants until it comes out of the whole. Never drown your plant as excess water can rot the roots.

Add Humidity

How will you know that your plants need more humidity? If you see brown spots on the leaves, you get the answer. It is the dry weather of the room that makes such pot. Gather the pots close so that plants can share humidity.

Another thing you can do. Put the plants on a plate or container filled with pebbles or bricks those are soaked in water.

Appropriate Exposure To Light

There are some plants like snake plant or cast iron plant which can survive well in shadow. So, keep them behind the curtain or corner of your room. But maximum plants want brightness for photosynthesis and mainly at the time of blooming. Therefore, bright corners are important for them.

Change The Soil

Sometimes water and light fail to solve the problems of the plants. You must find the remedy in the soil. May be the soil has become old and lost all nutrients. So, it is time to change the soil and keep your plants nourished.

Keep Your Plants Clean

Do you like to be dirty? Your plants also don't like dirt. Moreover, layer of dirt prevents sunlight. So, if you see dust on your plants, give them a shower with lukewarm water. If you have plants with large pots, sprinkle water from a spray bottle or wipe those with a sponge or smooth piece of cloth.

Check Pests

Plants and flowers attracts pests and insects. Insects like bees and butterflies are most welcome as they help in pollination. But you have to be careful about spiders, mealy bugs and likewise. Molds and viruses can also create problems for plants. So, you have to be careful to remove them at the beginning.

Change The Pot

Mainly when you buy plants from nurseries, they give you small pots. Change your pots according to the size. If the plants get enough space they grow healthier.

Cut The Branches

If you want good growth of your plant and want to make it look nice, pick the yellow leaves, cut extra branches to keep them in shape and remove dry flowers from your plant.

Manure And Compost

These ingredients add nutrients to the soil for nice growth of the plants. If you don't have any idea about which to use, consult the nursery from where you bought the plant. But it is always better to avoid many chemicals. So, you can use tea leaves or peels of vegetables and fruits as fertilizers.

Don't Keep Them Alone

Yes, this is very important. As you can't live alone, your plants can't too. So, buy more than one and keep them adjacent to each other.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 2, 2015, 2:02 [IST]
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