5 Easy To Grow January Plants

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January Plant
Some say that January is not the season for potting new plants as it is too colder in the beginning and too sunnier at the ending. Pruning is what most people do to welcome spring with fresh green leaves and flower blooms. But there are a few plants that can look green and fresh in the first month of the year. Take a look at these 5 fast and easy growing January plants and also get ideas for small space gardening.

5 Easy Growing January Plants

1. Algerian iris – The beautiful blue flowers can add colour to your winter garden even with poor soil and good sunlight (that's the January climate). The wild flowers grow like carpet all around the garden inspiring the gardener to pick them every first month of the year. The Iris unguicularis is the best in the iris types as they bloom during the late december. The mauve coloured flowers also beautify your living room vases.

2. Primroses – Primula are the compulsory members of the spring garden. They are low maintenance plants and look big and beautiful by January end. They require early morning sun so they can be potted and placed in corners facing east. Normal watering, organic fertilizers (like vegetable and fruit remains) and pruning will maintain it fresh for the second session.

3. Wintersweet - These are the best fragrant plants for January. The pale yellow flowers look all the more bright with the naked stems. They are frost resistant and can be potted or planted close to walls. They can grow upto 10ft in a well drained and fertilized soil. Indirect sunlight is best for them and pruning can be carried only when the plants reach upto a certain height.

4. Alder Tree – If you are thinking to plant a tree, then Alder is the best January tree. The best part about growing alder is that it can be maintained as a plant or allowed to grow into a tree. The seed can be sown and watered whenever the soil is dry. They can even be germinated in trays and then transferred to the ground.

5. Coronilla – The pale lemon flowers brighten up your garden best. The flowers grow in clusters and look filled. They too give a sweet aroma to the garden. The plant is very fragile and thrives well until may. Well drained soil and sunny area is enough for its healthy growth. They are good yard plants.

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Story first published: Monday, January 23, 2012, 15:20 [IST]
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