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8 Steps To Grow Medicinal Ginseng Root
You have heard of the Chinese medicinal herb ginseng several times in context of health. Ginseng tea has been declared as one of the healthiest beverages available to us. So this ancient medicinal herb is now a wellness phenomenon to which ...
Eight Steps To Grow Medicinal Ginseng Root

10 Colourful Mushrooms To Grow At Home
Growing mushrooms is both an easy and a cost-effective hobby. Having a mushroom garden in your home may not be a hobby you have heard about, but it is unique enough to try. The best part is that you don't need ...
Venus Flytrap: Most Popular Carnivorous Plant
The best variety of this plant at home is Dionaea Muscipula. This plant needs a highly humid climate to grow better. The trapping structure is formed by the terminal portion of each of the plant's leaves. It is in turn triggered ...
Grow Carnivorous Plants Home Part
Pinguicula With Amazing Flower Buds
Pinguicula or butterworts use their sticky leaves to trap insects inside them. They can be grown in both tropical and temperate zones. Pinguicula has beautiful looking flower buds in amazing colours like bright pink and violet. They make your home look all the more beautiful with its bright hues. ...
Utricularia: Can Grow In Almost All Climate
The best part about growing this plant at home is that it can survive in almost any climate. The only thing that this plant needs for proper growth is abundant fresh water. So, plant it in the open air where it ...
Grow Carnivorous Plants Home Part
Nepenthes: A Creeper Carnivous Plant
Nepenthes also known as monkey cups for their shape is another variety of carnivorous plant that can be grown at home. They too need a warm and humid climate to grow properly. Most of the varieties are creepers. Hence you need ...
Drossera: Sweet Smelling Tentacles
These plants grow best in a sub tropical climatic zone. But, there are also some species of the same plant that may as well fit into a cold weather. It is best to grow these plants in the bright sunlight. They ...
Grow Carnivorous Plants Home Part
5 Carnivorous Plants To Grow
There are numerous benefits of growing carnivorous plants at your home. There are many beautiful looking carnivorous plants that you can grow. Apart from increasing the beauty and elegance of your household they will also help reduce insects and flies in ...
Best Plants For Bonsai
When we see a miniature and yet fully grown banyan tree in the form of a potted plant, we are tempted to believe that it is some kind of miracle. These gardening miracles are called bonsai plants. Now most people have ...
Best Bonsai Plants
Plant Manures You Already Have At Home
Most amateur gardeners have a wrong belief that plant manures have to be very expensive and fashionable. You will see people buying expensive bags of manure from organic shops when they could easily use some of the commonest household things to ...
Ways To Use Rains For Your Garden
The rains have finally arrived breaking through the oppressive heat. Most of us are happy to see the first rains even if they do not make life very comfortable while travelling. Even if you are a fan of this wet and ...
Rain Water Garden
5 Different Ways To Prune Your Plants
Most amateur gardeners prune their plants randomly. This is because they are not aware of the benefits of pruning. Pruning is an essential part of your gardening activities. Just like you turn the soil, plant seeds, add manure and water your ...
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