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5 Different Ways To Prune Your Plants

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Prune Plants
Most amateur gardeners prune their plants randomly. This is because they are not aware of the benefits of pruning. Pruning is an essential part of your gardening activities. Just like you turn the soil, plant seeds, add manure and water your plants, you also need to prune them. Now exactly how to prune different kind of plants is a question that needs to be answered by experts.

Every kid of plant has to be pruned in a different way. To get all the benefits of pruning you need to use these special techniques to care for the well-being of your plants.

5 Ways To Prune Your Plants:

1. Deadheading: This is a common way of pruning flowering plants. When flowers start to whither away, chop them off from the head. This stimulates the next round of flowering bulbs. The benefits of pruning in this way is that it lengthens the flowering season. However, be wary against using it indiscriminately. If the dried flower has seeds or pollens that will help in reproduction, then you should not chop it off.

2. Hedging: If you are growing shrubs or hedges in your garden then you have to use this technique for pruning them. You need to prune the shrub according to shape you are giving to your shrubs. You can have squares, cones or rounded shapes for your hedges. Always start hedging just when the new leaves start growing. This will ensure that your hedge looks lush green from outside.

3. Lawn Grass: It is very important to regularly prune the grass in your lawn. Grass grows quickly and goes out of shape. So, you need to chop the grass as close to the earth as possible. If the grass is drying up in winter, then do not leave it just like that. You have to mow it even if it is dying. This will give it a new impulse of life.

4. Foliage Plants: It is very difficult to prune foliage plants because they do not have distinct stems. However, damaged or dead leaves need to be removed so that the foliage remains lush. Do a bit of selective pruning for foliage plants. You need to hand pick the damaged foliage and chop it selectively. After you are done with the pruning, the plant might look totally out of shape. If it is just before spring, do not shape it, as it will grow back in some time.

5. Woody Trees: It is not that trees do not need pruning because they are woody. The trees in your garden also needs to be pruned but there is no particular season to do this. You can hack back branch of the tree that is blocking your pathway or is damaged by rain or storm. If some branch of the tree has come loose or been half broken then you must fell it. Also hack branches that are intertwined or stopping each others growth.

The main benefit of pruning plants is that they grow in shape. You be an expert gardener using these gardening tips.

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