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Plant Manures You Already Have At Home

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Most amateur gardeners have a wrong belief that plant manures have to be very expensive and fashionable. You will see people buying expensive bags of manure from organic shops when they could easily use some of the commonest household things to fertilize their plants.

Before you go to buy an expense bag of organic plant manure, stop and think. What great organic ingredient does it offer you? Don't you have the same in your kitchen and home? If you think clearly, the answer will be 'Yes'. Here is a list of the household things that make excellent plant manures.

Plant Manure

Plant Manures That Are Present In Your Home:

Expired Medicines: Most of us have some a huge box of emergency medicines, vitamins and other pills in our medical box that have gone past the date of expiry. Normally, everyone would say that these are dangerous and should be discarded immediately. But we are telling you to use these expired medicines as manure in your garden. They serve as good nutrients for plants.

Used Tea Leaves or Bags: What do you do with the tea leaves once you are done brewing tea? Dump it in the dustbin right? Well you don't have to as used tea leaves can be excellent plant manure that are organic and readily available. Once you are done staining the tea liquor, dump the tea leaves in your plant pots. Just make sure it is not scalding hot or else your plants will burn!

Vegetable Peels: What are the most discard-able household object in your home? Vegetable peels right? Instead of throwing the peels in the bin, stuff them into the soil in which you are growing your plants. The peels need to be buried and not just spread on the soil. You need not dig a compost pit and ferment manure. Even adding the vegetable peels to the soil will give organic manure to your plants.

Rice Water: Rice is a grain that has lots of vitamins in the raw form but we miss out on most of it because we want to avoid the starch in it. When we cook rice, we usually discard the starchy liquid that comes off it after the rice is boiled. This rice starch can be added to your plants to keep them healthy because it is rich in nutrients. If you cook rice in a cooker, then you can use the water (in which you have washed the rice) to water your plants.

These are some common things at home that can serve as excellent plant manures. Can you name a few more?

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