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How To Grow Grass In A Container?

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Grow Grass In Container
Most of us dream of venetian villas and a lawn that look like a green carpet. But, we eventually end up with a standard 2 bedroom apartment with nothing more grand than a balcony. However, you can still fulfill the dreams of having a green lawn partially. Container gardening allows you to grow grass in pots. So, to add a grassy touch to your apartment garden, you can grow grass in a container. Here are the easy steps to cultivate grass in a container.

Steps To Grow Grass In A Container:

1. Choose the best grass seeds. Now you choose from a variety of grass. The common types are wheat grass, rye grass but you can also go for an exotic flowering grass. The seeds should be dry and not soggy.

2. Choose a container depending on your choice. Glass or metal containers are good to grow grass. Glass looks particularly good as it provides a stark visual contrast. You can also choose earthen pots but make sure they have proper draining holes.

3. Layer the container with pebbles and bit of gravel. This has to be done because you need well drainage and ventilated soil for growing grass. The gravel makes sure that water does not stagnate and makes the young roots rot.

4. Grass grows mainly on the top soil. Their tiny roots do not usually penetrate the lower layers of the earth. So, you need to give at least 3 inches of rich top soil to sow the grass seeds. Layer it well without leaving too much air gap.

5. The soil should not have too much humus or organic manure. This makes the soil too dense and increases its water retention capacity. This makes the soil retain too much water and that does not suit grass.

6. Watering grass is a tricky affair. They need watering regularly but the amount needs to be regulated. Usually sprinklers are used to water lawns. But, as it is container gardening, you need a different trick. Moreover, sprinklers will be tough to operate in your apartment garden.

7. Sow the grass seeds shallowly. Do not sow them too deep into the soil or else, they will take too long to sprout shoots.

8. It is best to use a spray can to water grass. This makes the water come out in a cloud of mist. This kind of watering ensures even distribution of water and your grass gets the optimum amount of water.

9. Although your lawn is out in the open, the grass needs minimal sunlight. Too much sunlight can burn out the tender grass in your containers. Keep it in a shady spot that gets indirect sunlight.

Do you know of any other method to grow grass in containers?

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Story first published: Monday, June 4, 2012, 10:17 [IST]
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