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Tips To Organise A Garden Party For Diwali!

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Garden Diwali Party
Garden parties are usually for afternoon hi-tea but how about using this novel idea to celebrate this Diwali 2011? You could celebrate among nature and actually enjoy the pleasant weather during this time of the year. If you want to throw a garden party this Diwali then you will need some specific party decoration ideas because it is totally different from organising a house party indoors.

Here are some garden party ideas for you to make Diwali 2011 special and green.

Tips For Organising Garden Diwali Party:

  • It is much better to have a party in the open air because you get some fresh air from the green plants and trees around you. You can actually breathe deeply instead of being claustrophobic inside the house with all the smoke rising from the fire crackers.
  • Diwali is a religious occasion so you will need to set up the idols of Laskmi, Ganesh too in the garden itself. Keep the idols of the gods amidst a lot of flowering plants. In that way you need not pluck the flowers to give offerings to god.
  • You can use some special plants and flowers that have religious significance in Hindu mythology. For example you can keep Lakshi devi in a water pool or bowl full of lotuses because lotus is her special flower.
  • The Tulsi or holy basil plant is very auspicious to Hindus and you can keep it near the altar you are creating for worship. It is customary to light a lamp near the Tulsi plant every evening so don't miss out on Diwali. Dazzle it with at least 3-4 lamps around it.
  • You can pave the path to enter your garden with a lot of foliage plants like palms and Chinese evergreens. Use bushy plants for this purpose so that it adds to the feel of the garden party concept.
  • The entrance itself should make it clear to your guest that this Diwali party is not just a usual one. But make sure you leave enough space for people to walk thorough.
  • The theme of your garden party has to be Diwali even if it is symbolises greenery and environment friendliness. Light oil lamps at the base of every single plant in your garden. If it is a potted plant then you can decorate the pot with a four diyas (earthen oil lamps) around four corners.
  • Electric lights too look really gorgeous in the open ambiance of the garden and you can put them to good use if you are creative. Wrap the rope light strings around the tall trees or hang them in inverted arches connecting one tree from another.
  • Use some great party decorating ideas to lay out the food and the beverages for the guests. Light oil lamps around the food too to set the mood for Diwali and make sure there is ample amount of electric lighting around the eating area.

You must ensure that your garden party Diwali 2011 does not harm your plants so celebrate responsibly.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 12:54 [IST]
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