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Maintaining Christmas Tree Fresh And Green

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Christmas Tree
To add beauty to the dazzling ornaments and accessories, the Christmas tree needs to be fresh and green. The bottle green needle leaves will play a background to the shining jewels and some Christmas trees like pine, cedar add fragrance so maintaining them is as important as decorating the house. Take a look at the Christmas tree maintenance.

Tips To Preserve Christmas Tree

1. Potted Trees – If you live in apartments and do not have much time to take care of the plant, it is any day best to make the decorations on the Christmas potted tree. Simply watering the plant whenever the soil is dry and spraying some water during the day will make the leaves look as if they are just bloomed. Even cleaning is easier as only the ornaments need to be removed.

2. If you aren't going for a potted tree and are planning to get a cutting home, here are some tips. Generally the needle shaped leaves turn brown and start falling off. So most importantly, selecting a good tree from the vendor will help you maintain at home after the tree decoration. When you find the leaves fall off, it is a sign that the tree will go dry in just days. This works while choosing trees like Fir.

3. For the tree to stay healthy for at least three weeks, you will have to soak the tree cutting in a salty warm water and place it away from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures. Garage is the best place to preserve.

4. When you plan to make way for the Christmas tree, choose a place that is shady and dry. East and west corners of the house are too bright and sunny. Also, the place near fireplace and heaters may also fasten drying.

5. You can hose the Christmas tree to get rid of the insects and mites. The day you plan to decorate the tree, the tree will be brought inside the house. Also spraying camphor water over tree will prevent pesticides and spread a good aroma.

6. Water tree whenever required and spray aspirin solution to tree bag (planted bag) so that it maintains the leaves fresh and green. Do not keep the LED lights lit all day as the heat may dry up the leaves. Save electricity and preserve greenery in the house.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2011, 17:33 [IST]
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