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7 Tips On How To Make Your Room Smell Fresh 24/7

Clean, fresh, and perhaps gently scented with a natural scent, that's how you want your rooms to smell. But, unfortunately, instead of getting a good night's sleep, you're depleting the tranquillity of your living space by breathing in musty, dusty, or smelly air.

Did you know that humans can detect more than 1 trillion smells? Our sense of smell is much more sophisticated than we once thought. Our noses are so good at detecting odours, so it's no surprise we like our environments to smell good with pleasant odours.

So, let's see how you can make your room smell good - 24/7.

1. Open the windows

Opening the windows and letting the fresh air and sunlight in is the fastest way to freshen up a room. Unfortunately, unless you live near a busy freeway or industrial area, the air inside your home is likely lower quality than the air outside. So make it a habit to open your bedroom windows in the morning.

2. Clean the carpet

For obvious reasons, carpet is the most popular choice for bedroom floors: It's comfortable, it muffles sound, and it adds a lot to your bedroom's decor, but the downside is it holds onto bacteria, mould, and pollen from your feet and your shoes. Sprinkle some carpet cleaners on your carpet, let them sit for an hour, then vacuum it up.

3. Keep your footwear outside

Make sure you take your shoes off before entering your room. Leave your slippers by the door so you can easily change out of your daytime shoes into your clean slippers.

4. Wash the sheets

The only thing better than freshly laundered sheets is clean, soft sheets-but those same sheets absorb a lot of oil, fluid, and skin particles each night. If you don't wash your sheets for too long, they'll start to smell weird. Strip your bed and wash the sheets every week to keep the air fresh. You should do it more often if you have pets or allergies.

5. Change pillow covers

Change your pillowcases every two days. You'll keep your room smelling fresh, and your skin will look great because we all know how a dirty pillowcase can mess with the skin.

6. Use a reed diffuser

You can buy a reed diffuser or make one yourself. You just need a glass vase with a narrow top, a few bamboo kebab skewers, a quarter cup of sweet almond or safflower oil, and 15 to 20 drops of your favourite essential oil.

7. Use air fresheners

Air fresheners tend to be toxic, so while they smell nice, their harm to our health and the environment would shock you. So, why not DIY some air fresheners? There are lots of natural ingredients you can use. You'll need a clean spray bottle, distilled water, three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol (you can use unflavoured vodka if you like), and at least 20 drops of your favourite essential oils. Mix the ingredients in the spray bottle and spray away!