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Tips To Make Home Decor Look Expensive

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Not everyone can't afford an expensive home decor. But everyone does want to have a home decor that looks and feels classy. Most of us decorate our homes in budget. This is because there is hardly any money left to spend on the interior decoration after paying the EMIs on the house. However, even cheap home decor ideas can be classy and chic.

So basically, your home decor can look expensive even when it is not. The idea is to decorate your home in budget and make it appear expensive. Some very simple ideas can help you make your home decor look expensive. Here are they are.

Make Home Decor Look Expensive

Centre Pieces

Centre pieces are attention grabbers. So use the most expensive decorative item in your house as the centre piece of your drawing room. You can use brass statues you inherited from your grandparents or cut glass figurines you bought from the street side in Bangkok.

Curtain Ideas

Always buy curtains that are plain and unusual. Your curtain ideas need not be expensive. But don't pick up common fabrics from budget supermarket. Buy the fabric for curtains in whole sale and design the curtains yourself.

Cheap But Vivid Paint

Your wall pain may not be of the highest quality but the shades you choose should be bright and imperial.

Wall Graphics

If you have a sense of art, you can easily use different paint colours to do some interesting wall graphics. This will look catchy and also make your home decor look expensive.


Books are very useful to fill space. You can use your books to give your home a very intellectual look. Books are often seen as a wise man's companions. A good collection of books in your drawing room shelves can compensate for the lack of luxurious items.

Glass Hangers

Glass is much cheaper than wood and yet it looks very classy. Buy glass slabs for cheap and put them up on the walls as hangers. You can place books, show pieces and vases on these.

Here are some easy ways to make your home decor appear expensive. What other classy ideas do you have for decorating your home in budget.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 25, 2013, 1:01 [IST]
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