Comfortable Seating Arrangements For Your Home

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When guests arrive at your home, the thing you need the most is seating arrangements. There is no replacement for comfortable seating arrangements in your house. That is why, when you are looking for home décor ideas to revamp your place, you must pay special attention to the seating arrangements.

There are different types of seating arrangements like sofa sets, arm chairs and cushions. You can use a combination of different types of seating styles in your home. Some home décor ideas can help you increase the number of people you can seat at a given point of time. You can mix and match different seating arrangements to make your living room look plush.

Here are some home decor ideas for comfortable seating arrangements that you can implement in your house.


Three Plus One Sofa

The commonest sofa set has 3 plus 1 sofas. There is one large 3 seater sofa accompanied by a one seater arm chair. This can fit comfortably in medium sized living rooms.


Reclining Sofa Plus Chairs

A reclining sofa is a large three seater with a headrest on one side. This sofa is usually used to lie back and watch television. However, it can also be used to seat 3 people. Team it up with some plastic chairs of contrasting colours.


Two Seater Plus Cushions

Two seater sofas are smaller than the conventional three seaters and consume less space. If you want to have some space in your room you can place a two seater sofa along with large cushions to sit on the floor.


Single Arm Chair With A Rug

If you have a small studio apartment then it makes sense for you to have just one arm chair for yourself. For your guests, you must keep a snug rug that can be used to sit on the floor.


Corner Sofa

If you have a huge living room, then make best use of it by installing a corner sofa. An L-shaped sofa can be placed in one corner of your room to seat more than 5 to 6 people.


Wall Sofas

The best way to preserve space in your room is to push your furniture to the wall. Place your sofa against the wall of your living room. If you have large French windows then this will look particularly good.


Lazing Arm Chairs

Reclining arm chairs are very comfortable and cost effective. If you have antique arm chairs in your house then place them in the verandah or in one corner of your living room to seat more people.


Cane Sofas For The Terrace

Your terrace is often a place where there is enough space to seat many people at once. You can place some cost effective cane sofas and chairs on your terrace to have some outdoor parties.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 22:03 [IST]
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