Vastu Tips To Make Diwali Prosperous

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Vastu tips are extremely important for any home. It ensures that positive energies enter your home and all the negative vibes are banished. However, when it comes to festive Diwali celebrations, these Vastu tips take on even greater importance. No matter how you keep your house for the rest of the year, at least on Diwali, you should correct the Vastu of your home.

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without the puja of Lord Ganesha (destroyer of hurdles), Goddess Lakshmi (queen of wealth), Goddess Saraswati (giver of knowledge) and Goddess Kali (destroyer of evil). All these pujas will be wasted if the Vastu of your home is improper. Thus, before you get started with the Diwali celebrations and pujas, implement these Vastu tips for sure.

Diwali Vastu

Clean Up: It is a well known fact that Goddess Lakshmi only enters a clean house. Thus you must get rid of clutter and make space for new things in your house before Diwali. An expert Vastu tip regarding cleaning is that you must do the cleaning during the Kali Chaudash or the second day of Diwali.

Move Things Around: According to the rules of vastu, you must move 27 things in your house to make your Diwali auspicious. Sounds tough? Actually it isn't. Even if you change the position of the cushions from one sofa to the other, it will be counted as a change.

Spray Salt Water: Mix salt with water and spray this saline solution at all corners of the house. According to Vastu Shashtra, salt has a property to absorb all evil energies within the house.

Have A Sweet Diwali: The stock of sugar in your house must not be low during Diwali. This is a ritual that ensures that you have a sweet year in store.

Your Doorway: In Vastu Shashtra, the main entrance of your house is associated with upcoming opportunities. So do not leave any obstructions in your doorway. Make sure the door opens fully and there is no clutter in its way. Make a beautiful rangoli outside your doorway to welcome the gods. The 'toran' put up outside the door serves the same purpose.

Go North For Wealth: The northern part of your house is called the Kuberastan or the place of wealth. You must make sure that Goddess Lakshmi is placed here. And, idol of Ganesh must sit to the right of Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati to her left. Place the idols of the gods on a bright red new cloth.

As The Water Flows: A source of running water is very good for the house. It is said that flowing water absorbs all the negativity in the house and takes it along. That is why place a small water fountain in the north-east direction of the house.

These Vastu tips are basically a way to make your Diwali celebrations as auspicious as possible. How many of these Vastu tips do you follow?

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Story first published: Thursday, November 8, 2012, 17:00 [IST]
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