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4 Swings Sets & Where To Put Them

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What makes an otherwise mundane home special? It is that one touch of creativity that makes all the difference to an ordinary house. That difference could come through a classy antique that has been in your family, an obscure painting or a swing set in your living room. Swings add a touch of playfulness to your home that is hard to find in teh ordered decor.

Most people think that swing sets are only for homes that have kids. This is a wrong concept because, the whole idea of having a swing at home is to bring out the child in you. There is a swing for every home; find out which is yours.

Swing Sets For Home

5 Swing Sets And Where To Put Them:

1. The Slow Wooden Swing: This is usually a huge swing set with a wooden seat that can either be hung directly from the ceiling or in a frame. The best place to put it is your living room where it can be an extended seating arrangement along with your couches. This is not really a swing that kids enjoy because it is painfully slow. Adults enjoy the controlled movement for chatting, working or watching television.

2. The Cane Singlet: This is a very interesting swing for your home both in terms of speed and looks. It looks like a scoped in cane chair hanging from the ceiling on a strong rope. A single person can swing in it at a time and it moves really fast provided the path is not blocked with other furniture. Kids can take their adrenaline trips on this one and adults can prop it with some cushion and settle with a nice book on it. Put anywhere you have space, preferably with other cane furniture to compliment it.

3. The Hammock: The hammock is a special kind of swing but a swing all the same. Usually they are seen on beaches but what is stopping you from making your own home into a luxury resort. Tie up the hammock in your balcony, porch or study. Make it comfortable with some cushions and a shade. You can settle down for your sleepy Sunday reverie here!

4. The Tire Swing: This is ordinarily considered a part of your garden furniture because it is supposed to be a crude imitation of a swing. But, you can always convert it into a style statement by having it right in the middle of your living room. This is actually a worn out tire strung up by chains or rope and hung from trees by kids. This makeshift swing set can be put up in your garden, garage, backyard or your kids bedroom. Do not stop yourself from regressing back into your childhood days by popping into the tire hole and taking a few ambitious swings.

Do you have any more ideas to set up swing sets in your house?

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 12:06 [IST]
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