Side Table Ideas: Beautifying Corners Of Living Room

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Side Table Ideas
Be it bed side tables or corner tables, many popular furniture brands and designers suggest numerous trendy designs that can be chosen according to the room, decor theme and dimensions. Today, we will suggest wonderful side table ideas for living room as well as bedroom, have a look.

Side tables need not be square or round shaped / made of wood and glass, they are the best pieces that can add modesty and creative elements to decor. What really matters is the usage of these tables. If you plan to have a lamp shade, then the table needs to have broader base or if books, it will have to have shelves etc.

Side Table Ideas And Home Decorating (Exclusive Living Room Ideas)

1. Normal Side And Accent Tables – These type of tables are made of wood and are generally contemporary or traditional in design. Depending on the type of furniture and space, the side tables are chosen. They never go out of trend as they are made to look and match the old. From vases to candle stands to books (like phone directories) to table lamps, anything can decorate corners. Glass top tables are also available in these designs.

2. Tool Chest Tables – The tables are cubed, big box or trunk shaped tables. If you are looking out for the table that has space to keep a lot of things, you must choose chest tables. These tables can make your decor look ancient, rich and classy.

3. Tray Tables – These a wonderful side tables as they are light in weight and do not occupy too much space. They are foldable, eay to clean and stylish. If you are looking for a table to place your coffee mug, your favorite books and lucky plants, tray side tables are a perfect choice. Portable tray tables are also available in metal.

4. Pedestal Tables – If you do not like four legged tables, you can choose the pedestal ones. They are traditional, made of wood, sturdy and look like a chess pawn. The tables have a broad plank and can hold bigger things photo frames, telephone or table lamp.

Apart from these wall fixed tables are also used to decorate corners. They do not occupy space and make it easy for floor cleaning. Since they are permanently fixed, they are long living and provide more scope for creativity. Use these side table ideas and enhance interiors with these tiny fillers.

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2012, 15:03 [IST]
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