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10 Tips For Styling An Open Kitchen

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An open kitchen can be a blessing in disguise or a curse you cannot handle. It really depends on how you style your kitchen. An open kitchen has both pros and cons. You have to work on minimising the cons and maximising the pros.

Here are some tips to help you design and decorate your kitchen most efficiently.

Open Kitchen

Styling Tips For An Open Kitchen:

1. An open kitchen has to open into some room in your house. You can have a kitchen that opens into your dinning room, living room or just a hall. The style of your kitchen will be depending on the room it opens into.

2. If you have an open kitchen, then make sure that your kitchen cabinets are all closed. This is because, when you cook, the coot will be dissipated and will make your storage tins and cans sticky.

3. This kind of kitchen must have a chimney that absorbs all the smoke while cooking and directs it outwards. Without a proper chimney or exhaust fan, your entire house will become smoky.

4. Kitchen cabinets made of glass are perfect for this kitchen style. It gives you the opportunity to display all your fine cut glasses and crystal wares. Ideally, you should have a source of light focussed on the glasses to get the beautiful shimmering effect.

5. You cannot keep drab crockery, cutlery or storage tins in an open kitchen. Your crockery and cutlery will be like show pieces on display so they must look good. Shift to glass or porcelain crockery from steel if you want to style your kitchen tastefully.

6. Try to maintain a colour coordination. Usually we reuse old can of health drinks and biscuits to store groceries. But for this kind of a kitchen, it is best to use colour coordinated cans and tins so that your kitchen looks organised.

7. You need lots of shelves to make a kitchen of this style work for you. There should be a big shelf that keep almost everything apart from the large electronic equipments and the gas oven. This is to ensure that the kitchen slab is free for you to work on.

8. You need to place your electronic equipments well. Place the microwave and refrigerator at the two ends of your kitchen space.

9. The blender, toaster and other small electronic appliances needs to be placed near appropriate plug points.

10. Have covers for all your electronic appliances so that they do not gather suit and can be protected from the heat emanated from the cooking gas oven. Your electronics will last longer that way.

If you have a small house with a tiny kitchenette, then you will have to use space effectively. These styling tips should help you set up a tasteful and convenient kitchen space.

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