6 Modern Fireplaces Ideas For Winter

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A fireplace in a modern house! That will be the reaction of most young people on having a fireplace at home. With the invention of electric heaters and in-built heating systems, fireplaces are surely becoming obsolete. But the cozy feeling of warmth that you get when you are sitting cuddled up in front of a burning wood fire can never be compared to a mechanical heater.

The idea of a fireplace is not just to keep your house warm. Some of the modern fireplaces are very stylish and they add to the look and feel of your house. A modern place is usually covered by glass and thus, it gives your home decor a very sleek look. So, having a fireplace can be a good idea even for a modern household.

This is specially because all the complains that people had with old-fashioned fireplaces have now been rectified. The modern fireplaces do not produce any smoke. This because most fireplaces have chimneys to suck out the smoke. Modern fireplaces are also easy to maintain because they come with an efficient tool box. Moreover, the whole idea of having a fireplace these days is the fact that it is compact and occupies little space.

Here some really cool modern fireplace ideas to keep your house warm this winter.


Cabinet Fireplace

This fireplace look almost like a part of the cabinet in this modern living room.


Radiating Fireplace

This fireplace has an air-conditioner like look to it. It is a modern fireplace that can distribute heat evenly.


Vintage Fierplace

The look and feel of this fireplace may be vintage. However, it is fitted with a modern chimney and has closing shutters.


Compact Fireplace

This fireplace is so small that it almost looks like a toy fireplace set up in the wall!


Kitchen Fireplace

This fireplace design is very utilitarian. As it is placed in the kitchen, you can even heat a kettle on it.


Under The Stairs

This fireplace occupies the empty space under the stairs like a shoe cupboard.

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Story first published: Friday, December 7, 2012, 15:08 [IST]
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