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Lets Have A High-Tea Party!

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There are some very special things that we have borrowed from the English and high tea parties are one of them. Sophisticated ladies wearing sunny dresses and designer hats would get together for high-tea on a winter afternoon. They would bask in the sunshine and have tea with snacks like sandwiches, cookies, pies etc.

We are bang in the middle of the winter season now and the afternoons are really comfortable under the sun. It seems to be the perfect time to have a high-tea party. So if you are planning to through one, we can give you some really cool tea party ideas.

Tea Party

The Tea Table: The table on which you serve tea (it stands for tea with snacks) is the centre of all the activity of the high-tea party. All the gossip and chat is going to happen sitting around this table. So, the type of tea table you choose will determine your entire part decor. For example if you choose a low Japanese-style tea table, then the rest of the arrangements should match.

The Tea Set: Just like the crockery holds a place of prominence for a dinner party, the tea set is the centre of attraction in a tea party. Do not use coffee mugs because they look too casual. You can use a tea set made of bone china or German silver.

The Tea Pot & Cozy: Usually we serve tea only in cup and saucers in India. But while planning a high-tea party, you need to have the full tea set complete with the tea cozy and tea pot. Serve sugar and milk separately. These specifications are for creating the effect of an English tea party.

The Table Linen: Do not use checked or striped table cloth like the ones in cheap cafes. High-tea is about being classy. So, your table linen should be in subtle plain colours. You can go for satin or lace materials if you like.

Flowers Of The Season: A tea table is incomplete without a collection of the fresh blooms of the season. As it is winter, you have the winter rose, lilies and germaniums adorning your table.

The Sun-Shade: The best place for a high-tea party is outdoors. You could have it in the garden or the porch. But as this is going to be a late afternoon event, you should have a sun shade or a beach umbrella set up. We don't want the dainty ladies tanned by the afternoon sun.

These tea party ideas will help you plan a very lively ladies day out. Do share your own experiences of having high-tea parties with us.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 16:42 [IST]
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