Latest Trends To Decorate Easter Eggs

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Decorate Easter Eggs
Easter is on its way, and we are about to start preparing for the most interesting part of this festival. That is, decorating Easter eggs of course! This activity is mostly done by the kids at home, and they have gotten really high tech with all the graphics that are available these days. Just colouring Easter eggs is no longer enough for them.

So, to keep up with your new age kids are some new age ideas for decorating Easter eggs. You can join in with these ideas to make this festival decoration special.

Never Before Ways Of Decorating Easter Eggs:

1. Smilies Not Eggs: You can turn your Easter eggs into life size smilies. We all have used yellow coloured faces with various funny expressions on the computer; you can simulate the same with the eggs. Use poster colors to paint the base a vibrant yellow. After the colour dries out, copy your favourite expressions on them. It could be the notorious wink or an out pour of tears. Just keep in mind, that the egg is three dimensional.

2. The Easter Of Zoo-Zoos: The concept of the famous Vodafone Zoo-Zoos was taken from eggs. You can reverse the process of creativity by dressing your eggs as Zoo-Zoos. You need not have to do any colouring for your Easter eggs. The base needs to be white. Utilise the oblong shape to make your egg look like the face of a Zoo-Zoo. You can give them the typical expressions to complete the show.

3. Brown Eggs: You can make good use of naturally brown eggs for Easter. They have a beautifully faint brown shell colour that can serve as your background. Again, there is there is no need of colouring Easter eggs that are naturally brown. Find some white glue from your kid's craft box for decorating these Easter eggs. Make a dotted design of white on them. Your eggs will look like works of art.

4. The Golden Egg: They say, never slay the hen that lays golden eggs. The easiest way to rustle up some golden eggs for Easter is to use glitter. Get some powdered golden glitter; mix it with glue and roll your eggs in it. It needs to dry over night before you can play 'Who Gets The Golden Egg'.

5. Potholed Eggs: Polka dots look cool on Easter eggs. But your festival decoration can get special is you make the pattern three dimensional. Use only black dots for decorating your Easter eggs. It will make your eggs look like they have potholes in them. It could be a social comment on our roads apart from being a brilliant Easter decoration idea.

These ideas for decorating Easter eggs are unique. You can improvise and do more with them.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 17:01 [IST]
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