5 Coffee Table Ideas You Can Use

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Coffee tables are basically modified side tables that are used to create a leisurely space to eat mid-day meals. While side table holds your lampshades and show pieces, coffee tables are mainly for keeping small food trays and your steaming cups of coffee. There is a very thin line of difference between the two types of tables. However, any table has to be adapted according to its use.

Here are some brilliant coffee table designs that may suit your home.

Coffee Table Ideas

Coffee Table Designs:

1. Polished Mahogany: If you want to play safe, keep it absolutely traditional. Polished mahogany wood is one of the best materials for making table. You might have seen such small antique looking tables in many old Hollywood movies. It will go well if you have a more or less antique set up with wood based sofas and racks. You certainly cannot fit it in with wrought iron or leather furniture.

2. Glass Top Coffee Tables: These are the most versatile coffee table design. They can fit in with wood, iron, leather or any other type of furniture. Glass top coffee tables can be contemporary or traditional. Some ornate wooden legs can make it look traditional and a sharp modernistic stand can turn them into contemporary furniture design. They add a dazzling effect to your decor.

3. Marble Top Tables: This is mostly useful when you have an excessively ornate decor at home. Marble gives the table a really heavy look so choose a formidable corner for it. Do not stuff it with your couch or very close to your centre table.

4. Stool Tables: This is a type of low coffee table that are just about a feet high from the floor. This design is inspired from Chinese side tables. They can be of any shape although you usually get to see round or square ones. If you want to lay out a pile of coffee table books then this is the best option for you.

5. The Paparazzi Table: What is it we do most of the time around a coffee table? Read newspapers or magazines over a cup of coffee. So, use that theme to make a customised coffee table design. Lay out bits of glitterati from old newspaper under the glass top of your table. It will look great with funky modern furniture around it.

It is the small touches of finesse that makes the difference between a mundane and an innovative house. You can use these home decor ideas to make your house look more vibrant than ever.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 16:43 [IST]
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