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Balcony Decoration: Create A Summer Haven

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Balcony Decoration
Your neglected balcony takes on a life of its own during the summer months. When power cuts become rampant, you stand lazing here and enjoy the breeze. You keep pickles out to dry on the lazy afternoons. Suddenly it is the best place to enjoy your evening cup of tea or coffee. So why not make this summer haven more comfortable with some innovative balcony decoration ideas? When you are on a spree of summer decoration this year, do not ignore your balcony.

Here are some of the ways in which balcony decoration for the summer months will make it more comfortable for you.

Ways Make Balcony Decoration For Summer Work:

1. Woven Blinds: The blinds woven with cane or other thick fabric will turn your balcony into an airy cubicle. It will allow a bit of light and air through but keep out the hot sun. So your balcony can now become your afternoon reading spot. So you read out in the open but remain protected from the sun. Fold up the blinds in the evening and you have an open air tea party.

2. Dark Glasses: You can cover up your the top of the railing with dark glass as summer approaches. This kind of summer decoration makes sense if you have young kids at home. Then your balcony decoration serves also as a safety measure for your home.

3. Some Balcony Furniture Would Do: Most of us use our balcony as a place to dry clothes and that is about it. However, an addition of a few comfortable places to sit might be useful. Cane stools and sofas make particularly sunny balcony furniture. It is also ideal for summer decoration because it has an inherent summery feel.

4. Do Not Crowd: We are talking about a balcony not a terrace that most cannot afford. So choose your furniture wisely. Do not overcrowd your balcony with so much furniture that there is no place for you to stand. Stools are ideal for balconies, even a rug or large cushions will do.

5. Make It Green: You must know the science behind greenery and cooling of temperatures. Plants make the atmosphere cooler. So turn your balcony into a green haven. Have as many plants as space allows you to have. They will get ample sunshine from the summer sun. But make sure you protect them from wilting; use curtains for summer to resist the heat.

6. Water Bodies: It is not easy to have flowing water inside our tiny apartments. But what is the harm in trying? You can keep a pool of water plants or an electronically operated fountain in your balcony. This not only looks terrific as a part of your balcony decoration but also keeps it cool. The water evaporates and makes the atmosphere around you cooler.

Use these home decorating tips to create a safe haven to relax this summer.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 17:53 [IST]
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