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Magical Mirrors To Brighten Up Your Homes

It is time to revamp the dull and boring walls of your room and that can happen with magical mirrors. Mirrors help in improving the size and scope of your room, they are best decorative items for home decor. Mirrors suit both contemporary home decor styles and country home decor styles (particularly French country homes). Take a look at how you can enhance your interiors using mirror home decor ideas.

Mirror Home Decor And Home Decorating Styles:

1. If you aren't ready to spend more on designing your house then here is a simplest way to decorate mirrors in your room. Simply hang a mirror on the wall you want to highlight (preferably the wall where the furniture is placed). This will reflect light and brighten the area.

2. Mirrors not only give a virtual look of large space but also will help in increasing the lighting of the house (no need of those expensive chandeliers and crystals). If you already have an old mirror, change its frame to give it an ultra modern look.

3. There are many types of mirrors to decorate your walls namely wall mirrors, decorative mirrors, venetian mirrors. Select a type of mirror that can suit your home and beautify these elements by positioning them in the right spots.

a. Placing a mirror facing the main door will also help in keeping a safety check on the door.
b. Do not place the mirror opposite to Television or above the music system (speakers).
c. Positioning mirrors opposite to light fixture can brighten rooms even more.

4. Nowadays mirrors are not just decorating pieces but play a major role in home decor. They provide that X factor and attraction to the house be it apartments or mansions. There are mirrors available in different shapes and sizes like antique frames to fancy cut outs.

5. Fashionable mirror wall stickers are in-trend, they are light in weight, easy to install and also inexpensive. The attractive stickers can give an entirely new look to regular rooms.

All in all, mirror home decor is the best ways to change your interiors, for that great elegance and style which you always longed for.

If your opulent panache is style then home decorating mirrors (mirror home decor) are just the right fit for your wall decor.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 15:30 [IST]