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Cane Furniture
Cane furniture is mostly seen outdoors in lawns and porches of the big bungalows. That is probably why there is a misconception among the masses that it is very expensive and classy. Cane furniture is tasteful but it is also an inexpensive decorating idea for your home. Everybody these days has the same patent leather couches and wooden furniture in their house. Your home can stand out in if you choose a traditional decor that makes use of cane as the basic material for decoration.

Before you take that vital decision to go for this kind of decor you need to know everything that you possibly can about cane furniture. Here you will find everything you need.

Tips To Use Cane Furniture For A Traditional Decor:

  • First of all you need to get rid of this conception that cane is only for gardens. You feel so because the only place you have seen them is in gardens. You must have been to beach resorts that use cane for all their furnishing head to toe. If these sofas can look so good over there then why not in your living room.
  • If you are starting up in a new house with little furniture, choose one of those rounded cosy looking cane sofas because they cover space. If you think your living room is already two cramped up, cane is still good because it has quite a few sleek designs. An average set will cost you about 7-10 thousand
  • It is a must to use very fluffy cushions with these sofas because they are coarse in texture. You don't want your guests to be poked out of their seats do you?
  • Scatter some small cane stools (moras as they are known in India) around your living area to increase the seating capacity of your home. They come in handy when more guests turn up than expected. They are pretty cheap compared to bean bags and wooden stools and much better looking than plastic chairs. (about 500 to 1000 rupees per piece)
  • Cane chairs can be easily teamed up with a glass top table to make a very chic dinning room set. If you have a drawing cum dinning space which is the case with most modern apartments then it will go perfectly well with your sofas.
  • If you are using cane furniture to have a traditional decor in your house then you simply must use a few cane lampshades. They are gorgeous and easily the best mood lighting for your house. You have shapes that are rounded, square, triangular and even checkered!
  • The best quality cane in India comes from Assam. You get all sorts of things starting from pen holders to telephone stands in their catalogues. Beware of fake cane that is cheap but not durable.

Cane furniture has a very earthy and rustic feel to it. These inexpensive decorating ideas will be easy on your pocket and ethnic in your home.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 12:40 [IST]
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