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Medicinal Benefits Of Brahma Kamal Flower You Need To Know

Brahma Kamal (Saussurea obvallata), an indigenious flower to Uttarakhand, is making news all around after Amit Kanwar, Divisional Forest Officer of Kedarnath Wildlife Division announced that they have developed a vatika or garden to grow Brahma Kamal and other medicinal herbs.

Brahma Kamal or Brahma Kamalam is an endemic and rare flowering plant species that is mainly found in the Indian Himalayan regions. The flower is also known as the 'king of Himalayan flowers'. It resembles a star and is pure white but the smell is not delightful.

If we look into the mythological side of the Brahma Kamalam flower, it is known to have been named after Lord Brahma, the Hindu god of creation and people say that one who has seen the flower bloom is very lucky. The citation of this sacred flower has also been mentioned in Puranas. [1]

Brahma Kamal flower blooms during mid-monsoon months and is not just beautiful, but also has a range of amazing medicinal benefits, from treating cough and cold to boosting sexual health.

In this article, we will discuss some of the medicinal benefits of Brahma Kamal. Take a look.

Interesting Facts About Brahma Kamal Flower

Medicinal Benefits Of Brahma Kamal Flower

1. Excellent liver tonic

A study has shown that Brahma Kamal, though beautiful, has a very awful smell and is bitter in nature. Due to this property, the flower makes for an excellent liver tonic and a great appetiser. It helps reduce the harmful effects of free radicals on the liver and prevents it from damage, along with helping in liver regeneration. Soup prepared from Brahma kamal flower can help treat liver inflammation and increase blood volume in the body. [1]

2. Maintains sexual health

According to a study, the Brahma Kamalam flower has great antimicrobial properties against four strains of bacteria and three strains of fungus. The bacteria strains include S.aureus and E.coli, which could cause urinary tract infection, while the fungal strains include C. albicans, which are known to cause genital yeast infection. Therefore, the Brahma Kamalam flower can help treat infection of the genital and maintain good sexual health. The flower is also effective against pathogens that have developed resistance against antibiotics, for recurrent episodes of infection and for sexually transmitted diseases. [2]

3. Helps treat fever

Brahma Kamal has antipyretic properties, meaning it helps treat fever and improve the well-being of a person. Though the study is quite limited in the area, many anecdotal studies have mentioned the traditional use of Brahma flower in treating fever, by drinking its concoction two times a day.

4. May treat cough and cold

The rhizomes, flowers and leaves of the Brahma Kamal flower may help treat cough and cold. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects of the flower can help reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract and prevent the multiplication of microbes, thus treating cough and cold. [3] Brahma flower also helps treat other respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis.

5. Helps in healing wounds

Brahma Kamal has antiseptic properties and can help heal wounds, cuts and bruises. Studies say that when applied to wounds, the flower sticks to the area and seals it, thus stopping the bleeding and helping in its healing.

6. Treats nervous disorders

This flower contains a flavone called acacetin which is a natural anticonvulsant. It helps prevent the risk of seizures in the brain by normalising the impulses in the nerve cells. Brahma Kamal may also help treat paralysis of the limbs by improving the nerves functions in the area along with blood supply. Brahma flower contains many types of antioxidants like alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, glycosides, saponins that may also help maintain a good nervous system. [2]

7. Treats menstrual problems

Brahma flower is great in treating menstrual problems. Studies say that the flower may help treat painful periods, irregular menstruation and excessive bleeding and other problems related to periods. This could be because of the antioxidants present in the flower.

Some Other Less Evidence-Based Benefits Of Brahma Kamal

  • Treats skin problems.
  • Helps in blood purification in the body.
  • Useful in treating plague.
  • May treat snake bites.
  • Can act as a remedy for arthritis.
  • Helpful for mental health disorders.
  • Help treat cardiac disorders.

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To Conclude

Brahma Kamalam is identified as an endangered species of flowers. Due to its ornamental value, high medicinal benefits and mythological importance, the flower is often picked by tourists or locals, causing a decline in their growth rate to such an extent that they have almost vanished from the Himalayan regions. Also, due to its illegal smuggling and destructive harvesting, Brahma Kamal is on the verge of extinction.

We hope that with the development of a garden for Brahma Kamal by the Indian Government, its number can be increased soon so that people can get the amazing health benefits of the flower.

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