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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blanket Worm (Kambli Poochi)

The monsoon season is continuing in total capacity in India and is expected to end by mid-September. Along with the cosy weather comes allergies and pests. Pests thrive in warm and humid conditions, making the monsoon season the perfect time for it.

Many types of pests invade your home in monsoon; you are sure to have observed a deluge of flies, creepy crawlies, mosquitos, and such suddenly rampage your home, especially if your surroundings are covered in greenery.

What Are Blanket Worms?

Lymantria dispar Linnaeus, commonly known as the kambli poochi, is one of those insects that will give you an itchy feeling when touched on to your skin. In India, the Lymantria dispar Linnaeus, known as the kambli poochi or blanket worm, is a common insect that is found crawling up the walls of your home [1].

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Experts say that the kambli poochi is widely seen during the monsoon season because of the damp weather. It thrives on damp walls and consumes small insects along its way. One central aspect of this hairy caterpillar is its hair which causes pain on contact. Contact with the hairy caterpillar will even lead to dermatitis among more sensitive people [2].

In India, you would find this hairy caterpillar on the outdoor walls of your home. It is best to get rid of the kambli poochi or the hairy caterpillar before it begins to increase in number. There are some of the best home remedies you can now use to get rid of the kambli poochi or the hairy caterpillar [3][4].

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blanket Worms

1. Soap water: One of the best ways to get rid of the hairy caterpillar is by spraying them with soap water. If you have a garden in your home, these hairy caterpillars will increase in number over a short period of time. Using a garden hose, spray the outdoor walls and then throw buckets of soap water on the walls [5].

2. Vinegar: One of the best home remedies to get rid of the hairy caterpillar is by spraying undiluted white vinegar on the caterpillars. The acid which is present in the vinegar will kill these insects immediately. This trick will also help in keeping them at bay.

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3. Garlic: Using garlic water can help keep the blanket worms at bay. Mix 50:50 portions of water and garlic in a bucket of warm water and spray it on the infected walls. You will soon start to see the caterpillars falling off the walls, shrivelling up and dying [6].

4. Onion plant: If you have certain types of plants in your garden which is acidic in nature, these hairy caterpillars will not feel welcomed in your home. One of the best plants to grow during the monsoon season is onions. The kambli poochi has been shown to get repelled by the scent of onion plants [7].

5. Ginseng: Bitter herbal spray can be used to keep these hairy caterpillars at bay. Make a spray out of ginseng and sugar and use it as a repellent for your home. Ginseng is bitter in nature; therefore, help get rid of these hairy caterpillars.

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6. Pepper: Make a solution with pepper and water and use it on the kambli poochi to repel them. It would be best if you used this home remedy before they multiply, as it can be quite a challenge to kill them.

7. Cactus: Although this one may be difficult to find, the milk in cactus can now be used against these hairy caterpillars. When you see one or two of them on the outside wall of your home, cut a cactus and spray the milk on the walls, which seems to be damp.

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On A Final Note...

Make it a point to clear out any stagnant or standing water, keep the windows and doors closed at most times.

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