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10 Worst Healthy Foods To Avoid

By Neha

In a worldwide survey of more than 27,000 people, about 26 percent of them reported the confusion of which of the foods are healthy that was a major barrier to eating right.

One of the important reasons on why people don't eat healthy is because many are confused about what is good to eat and what isn't.

The current modern lifestyle has definitely made everyone's life easy; but this comfortable lifestyle has brought its own share of problems. Due to the wrong choice of foods, your health suffers badly.

This can spike in lifestyle diseases and most of the times, these foods provide little or no nutrition. On the other hand, they pile on the pounds and trigger inflammation. These worst healthy foods have unwanted fat that you may not know about.

Here is a list of the 10 worst healthy foods to avoid.

1. Gluten-free Foods

Gluten-free sounds good when you read it in a food label, isn't it? But that is not always true, in fact these gluten-free products are generally packed full of high amounts of sugar, corn syrup and alternative forms of starch. This is not healthy for your body.


2. Yogurt In Supermarkets

Natural yogurt is full of high-quality protein, probiotics, calcium, B vitamins and even cancer-fighting linoleic acid. These elements are not present in yogurt found in supermarkets. They contain high amounts of sugar, artificial flavours, etc., which is not good for your health.


3. Fruit Juice

Commercially bought fruit juices contain too much fructose or sugar which is unhealthy. It is because these packaged fruit juices contain preservatives to help them last longer. Fruit is a better alternative because you get fibre, which slows down the absorption of sugar in the body.


4. Mayonnaise

Though the mayonnaise bottle says it's low fat, it isn't. It still contains unwanted fat and calories which is unhealthy for the body. A quarter cup of mayonnaise can load your body with 360 calories and 40 grams of fat. Switch to low-calorie condiments like mustard sauce or salsa.


5. Bacon

Bacon lovers should keep in mind that their favourite food is loaded with unhealthy salts and saturated fats. Instead, you can add small amounts of bacon to your vegetables to enjoy the taste without filling your body with unhealthy fat.


6. Wraps

You must be thinking that little leaves of lettuce and slim slices of meat in a wrap is a very nutritious option. But, the truth is that the flat breads used in preparing these wraps can add 300 calories to your system. Some wraps prepared from refined grains do not contain enough fibre.


7. Trail mix

Dried fruit trail mix or nuts is obviously a healthy food, right? No, it's not! These trail mixes found in supermarkets are loaded with salt and added sugars. This could make you gain weight instead of providing positive effect on the body. Make your own mix of nuts and seeds without adding salt, which is a much healthier option.


8. Dried Fruits In Stores

While dried fruits contain fibre, vitamins and minerals. There are many companies that add sulphur and sugar to make it better for store shelves. This is actually not healthy for you. If you have a liking towards dried fruits, then you can dry out the fruits in the sun, which makes it a much healthier option.


9. Flavoured Soymilk

Soy itself has wonderful health benefits. But, those different varieties of soy milk with chocolate and vanilla flavour have added sugar and will also add extra calories to your body. Instead, go for unsweetened or plain soy milk that will not harm the body.


10. Canned Soup

Canned soups indeed make for a filling lunch or dinner. These canned soups are easier to sort your meals in a quick span of time but they have 400 or more milligrams of sodium per cup. High sodium can raise your blood pressure, increase bloating and make you feel sluggish.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 20:00 [IST]