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10 Foods Not To Eat During Periods

By Neha
ये 5 चीज़ें बढ़ा देती हैं पीरियड्स का दर्द | These 5 things increase Periods pain | Boldsky

Every woman in this world goes through different kinds of problems when it comes to menstruation. It is the worst feeling that every woman faces each month. Periods give you sleepless nights, sugar cravings and what not.

The awful cramps and uncomfortable bloating is all a part of menstruation, which can be reduced if you eat nutrient-dense foods. However, if you gorge on those sinful cupcakes and pizzas, it might make your periods worse because your body must replenish this blood which is lost during menstruation.

Getting the wrong nutrition during periods will lead to muscle pain, uncomfortable bloating, headaches and inconsistent digestion. This can put you off-gear both psychologically as well as physically.

So, you should avoid certain foods during your periods. Here are 10 foods that you must not eat, especially during periods.

1. Processed Foods

During periods, bloating is a common problem and gorging on processed foods will further increase the water retention in the stomach. This may add to the puffy feeling you experience. So, put a stop to greasy and sweet foods no matter how much you crave for them.


2. Red Meat

Foods such as red meat are high in saturated fats. This should be avoided during periods, as it may worsen your cramps, bloating and acne. If you are craving for meat, then you can consume leaner meats like skinless chicken breast or oily fish.

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3. Alcohol

Ditch that alcohol when you are on your periods. If you are thinking that having a shot or two of alcohol will do no harm, then you are absolutely wrong. Drinking alcohol while on your periods will worsen your period symptoms.


4. Dairy Products

This might come as a surprise that dairy products like milk, cream and cheese are not recommended when you are on your periods; however, it is best you avoid these. Because they contain arachidonic acid which can trigger menstrual cramps. Instead, go for buttermilk, as it will soothe your stomach.


5. Caffeine

Drinks like coffee are high in caffeine content, which should be avoided during periods. Caffeine leads to high blood pressure and can cause anxiety, dehydration and can also disrupt your sleep cycle. Instead, you can drink herbal tea.


6. Fatty Foods

Eating fatty foods like burgers, chips and fries during your periods will influence your hormones and lead to cramps and can make you feel gassy. Making incorrect food choices will worsen your body, leaving you feeling dry and dehydrated.


7. Refined Grains

Refined grains such as bread, pizza, cereals and tortillas should be avoided, as it may lead to bloating and constipation. You can instead choose whole grains, which have a low GI index that will not only keep your digestive system on track but will also keep your hunger pangs at bay.


8. Salty Foods

Salty foods found in canned soups, bacon, chips, etc., should be avoided during periods because they are high in salt. The hormone which is responsible for menstruation already causes water retention and consuming a high salt diet will cause bloating in the stomach.


10. Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods during periods can trigger hot flashes, postpone a period's cycle and provoke skin rashes and acne. The spices from foods can disturb the lining of your stomach and intestines, thereby leading to acidity and painful menstrual cramps.

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Story first published: Monday, January 29, 2018, 18:00 [IST]