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Will You Die If You Swallow A Fish Bone?

Fish is tasty and healthy too. But the only problem with it is the sharp bones in it. Generally, any of us would carefully eat the flesh leaving the bones.

But in rare cases, small sharp pieces of the bone may accidentally come into your mouth while eating the fleshy part. Is it dangerous if it goes inside your body?

It depends. Sometimes, when you drink water or eat something else, the stuck bone may move inside or get flushed. If that doesn't work, there are some home remedies to try. If they too don't work, you may need to take the help of a doctor to get rid of it! Read on...


Fact #1

Firstly, don't panic. If you have swallowed a bone accidentally, and if it has passed through your throat, it simply means it is a small piece. If it was big enough, it would get stuck in the throat itself without passing in.

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Try This...

An idea is to try abdominal thrust. Ask your partner to perform an abdominal thrust. It relieves the choked feeling that is a result of stuck food. This helps especially if the food blocks the airways.


Another Tip

If the bone is stuck in the throat, you can ask your partner to hit you on your back. In most cases, it gets dislodged.

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What happens if the bones goes inside? Well, in most of the cases, it gets digested and eventually gets excreted. In some cases, it might stay in the intestines. But after a few days, it may get excreted.



In some cases, if the bones doesn't get digested, passing stools could be a pain when the bone comes out. If a bone gets stuck anywhere in the intestines or the stomach, medical attention may be required.



Generally, if a bone is stuck, it is better to stop eating anything. Try drinking water but don't eat anything else as it could make the process of medical removal tough.


Home Remedy #1

Swallow half a cup of cooked rice directly without chewing. Drink water.

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Home Remedy #2

If the bone is stuck in the throat eating a banana can help. Take a bite and don't chew the banana. Swallow it directly after letting it get wet in your saliva for two minutes. Drink water. This could move the bone from throat.


Home Remedy #3

Take 2 teaspoons of peanuts and chew them for a minute and swallow. This could also move the bone from the throat.


Home Remedy #4

Take a slice of brown bread and smear peanut butter on it. Bite and keep it in your mouth for 2 minutes. Swallow without chewing and drink water. This can move the bone from the throat.


What If Nothing Works?

If these remedies don't work and if the bone is still in the throat, consult a doctor immediately. It results in infection if it is left in the throat. Maybe, a surgery is required in that case.