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Why Indians Drink Sugarcane Juice In Summer?


Though sugar is bad for your health, sugarcane juice can offer some health benefits. That is why Indians love to sip sugarcane juice several times on a hot sunny day.

Sugarcane comes with a natural sugar known as sucrose which can be absorbed fast by the body. Most of the sugarcane juice sellers also add a lemon slice to it. This will enhance taste as well as offer vitamin C.

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Some vendors also offer flavors like ginger, pepper, salt, mint or even 'chat masala'. Sugarcane juice contains no fat, but around 70 grams of sugar per glass. So, drink it in moderation.


Benefit #1

In summer, when you tend to get dehydrated frequently, sugarcane juice can be your best friend. It can replenish the lost electrolytes. It contains manganese, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium.


Benefit #2

Even if you are a diabetic, you don't need to avoid sugarcane juice as its glycemic index is low. It doesn't spike blood sugar levels all of a sudden. (But consult a doctor before consuming it).

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Benefit #3

Sugarcane contains flavones which are said to prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Some studies claim that sugarcane juice can even curb the spread of breast cancer and prostate cancer.


Benefit #4

The juice of sugarcane also contains glucose which gives you energy when you are losing out to the hot climate. If you are working out during summer, don't forget to take sugarcane juice.


Benefit #5

Sugarcane juice also contains natural antibiotic properties. Also, it is alkaline in nature. It can soothe urinary tract infection and is also good for kidney function.

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Benefit #6

It also contains potassium and therefore is good for your digestive system. Sugarcane juice also prevents stomach infections.

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Benefit #7

Sugarcane juice can also speed up recovery in those suffering from jaundice. It can regulate bilirubin levels. It also protects the liver from damage.

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