Scientific Reason Why Drinking Alcohol Can Make You Extremely Hungry

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After a night of partying and heavy drinking with your friends, do you feel extremely hungry the next morning?

If yes, then it is not just you, many people do experience that symptom, and it has even been backed up by science!

In today's society, drinking has become the norm, especially among youngsters, who go to parties regularly and drink socially. Drinking is not as much as a taboo as it used to be a few years ago, especially in countries like India.

Link Between Alcohol & Hunger

So, we do notice that most metropolitan cities in the country have numerous pubs that serve liquor, for people to enjoy.

Many of us look forward to the weekends, so that we can get together with our friends, have a couple of drinks at a favourite pub and unwind.

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However, drinking alcohol in the excess can lead to serious health complications, not to mention the horrible hangovers that we suffer from, the day after drinking.

So, let us find out why drinking alcohol in the excess can make us feel extremely hunger.

How Alcohol Affects The Body

Link Between Alcohol & Hunger

We may already know that alcohol is extremely harmful for our health, even when consumed in moderation, on a regular basis. So, you can only imagine, what consuming excess amounts of alcohol can do to your body.

Some of the side effects of consuming alcohol are, digestive disorders, memory impairment, reduce immunity, cold and flu, liver damage, headaches, nausea and in extreme cases, liver cancer and even death.

Consuming alcohol also has certain short-term side-effects, such as feeling extremely hungry, right after drinking or a few hours after drinking.

The Link Between Alcohol And Hunger

A recent research study by the Francis Crick Institute, conducted a study in which they aimed to find out why alcohol causes extreme hunger in people.

Link Between Alcohol & Hunger

The research study found that, even having just a few glasses of alcohol can trigger or activate a group of neurons know as the AgRP, located in the hypothalamus of the human brain.

When the AgRP neurons are activated, they can immediately increase hunger in people, in addition to decreasing the metabolic rate and energy levels.

So, in conclusion, drinking even lesser amount of alcohol can trigger extremely hunger, causing obesity and digestive disorders in people.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2017, 11:43 [IST]
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