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    What Your Breasts Can Reveal About Your Health

    By Sravia Sivaram

    Breast cancer awareness month should not be the only time you pay attention to your breasts. Your breasts can communicate a lot about what is going on inside your body.

    You need to use these as a sign to know what your breasts are trying to tell you. You need to consult your medical care provider if you suspect something majorly wrong in the state of your breasts.

    The look and feel of your breasts can tell a lot about your health.

    what your breasts say about your health

    Breasts undergo several changes throughout your life and these changes are connected not only to the fluctuations of your hormone levels but also to your wellness.

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    You need to examine your breasts once a month and also go for regular breast check-up. There are certain things that your breasts say about your health. Read to find out.


    1. If They Are Of A Different Shape:

    Most women don't have breasts that look exactly the same in shape and size. But if you notice one breast suddenly changing in shape, then this would signal a serious abnormality. You need to get it checked at the earliest.


    2. Bumps On Your Areola:

    Tiny pimple-like bumps on your areola are just your milk ducts that have swollen. However, if there is one large bump in the area, then this could signal a benign cyst or a malignant tumour.


    3. Painful Breasts:

    Achy breasts could be due to a lot of reasons. Pain in both the breasts can be due to hormonal fluctuations or too much caffeine. Other factors can be due to an iron deficiency, or periods being due, a muscle strain or a badly fitted bra.


    4. Lumpy Breasts:

    A lump can be due to something benign like a cyst. You must get tests done to rule out a cancerous tumour. You need to get it checked by a doctor as soon as possible. This is one of the things that your breasts say about your health.


    5. Reducing Size:

    If your breasts have reduced in size, then it could be due to weight loss or low oestrogen levels. Otherwise, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is also a cause for breast reduction. You need to get yourself tested for this purpose.


    6. Inverted Nipples:

    If your breasts have turned inwards, then this is a cause for concern, because breast cancer is usually the cause for breast retraction.


    7. Nipple Discharge:

    If there is a nipple discharge from both the nipples, then this could be due to fluctuating hormonal levels, certain kinds of medications, an underactive thyroid, duct ectasia (shortening of the milk ducts) or pituitary tumour. You need to consult a doctor if you have a bloody discharge from one breast along with skin changes that could signal breast cancer.

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