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Things You Should Never Do After Eating A Meal Or Snack

By Sravia Sivaram

Some of our ingrained bad habits can turn out to be nasty for our health. It can affect our energy levels to digestion to even our hormonal balance.

Digestion is one factor that impacts every aspect of our health. So, it is very crucial that we address this first.

When our digestion is off beat, our body cannot absorb the nutrients properly. We feel tired and sluggish, which is why we cannot get most of it from our day.

But trying to make a massive change to our diet will only make things more daunting and difficult.

Though there are many things that can impact our digestion, what we do immediately after a meal can have a say on how the food is processed.

There are certain habits that you must quit doing after having a meal or snack. In this article, we have listed some of the things you should never do after eating a meal.

Read further to know more.


1. Sleeping Right After A Meal:

Eating a late-night dinner and hitting the bed right away is something that all us love to do. But turns out that this could be the worst thing you could be doing to yourself. Sleeping within an hour after eating was found to be very dangerous, with people suffering from a stroke, as per a study. Factors like blood sugar, cholesterol and blood flow after a meal can contribute to an increased risk.


2. Drinking Tea Immediately After Eating:

Beverages like tea can inhibit the absorption of iron. This is due to the large amounts of polyphenolic compounds in them. Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia and other problems in the body.


3. Working Out Immediately After Eating:

More than the dangers of developing a stitch or a cramp, exercising right after eating can affect both the quality of your workout and the quality of your digestion. This is one of the things to avoid right after eating.


4. Smoking After A Meal:

Having a cigarette after a meal can take away most of the nutrition. It also affects the absorption and use of many important vitamins and minerals. This is one of the things you should never do after eating.


5. Showering:

If you shower right after a meal, your body adjusts the blood flow to reach your skin more quickly to compensate for the change in temperature. This means there will be less blood available to digest your food.


6. Eating Fruits:

Fruits require different enzymes to digest, hence it is best to eat fruits on an empty stomach. If you eat it right after a meal, you won't be able to digest it properly. This is one of the things not to do immediately after eating a meal.

Story first published: Friday, September 22, 2017, 18:08 [IST]
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