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Things Thyroid Patients Should Never Do


Thyroid gland has an important role in metabolism. When there is any problem with the thyroid gland, many aspects of your health may get affected.

Thyroid problem could affect body weight, energy levels and even brain chemistry too. In fact, if left untreated, thyroid issues could also cause infertility, heart diseases, obesity and many other conditions.

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That is the reason why you may need to avoid certain things when you have thyroid issues. Here are some of them.


Raw Veggies

Never eat raw vegetables if you have any thyroid issues. Raw veggies are good but not when you have thyroid issues. Certain compounds in them could disturb thyroid function.



The habit of smoking can cause more trouble if you are suffering from thyroid problem; so stay away from smoking.

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Fatty Foods

Even fatty foods can affect the efficiency of thyroid medication. Avoid fries, margarine, meat, mayonnaise and butter.


Soy Products

Avoid soy products as they could also interfere with thyroid function.

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When your thyroid function is weak, stress can do a lot more damage to your system. So, find ways to avoid stress.



It is better to reduce your intake of gluten. Avoid processed rye, barley and wheat. The problem with gluten is it could interfere with thyroid medication and reduce its effect. Choose whole grains like rice and wheat.



Never skip any medication and also never take over-the-counter medication when you have thyroid problem. Let your doctor prescribe the medication.

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