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9 Unexpected Signs Of Heart Troubles That You Must Know

By Chandana Rao

A famous quote goes like this, "Heart diseases, let's defeat; keep a healthy heart beat!"

Most of us would definitely agree with the above quote because obviously the heart is one of the most important organs of the body and we know better than to put it at risk, at least knowingly.

However, many of us could be indulging ourselves in certain lifestyle habits that can put our hearts at risk, leading to a number of serious heart ailments.

When we think back for a minute, most of us can recall at least one instance where we've heard that a person we knew passed away from a heart attack, right?

In many cases, it could have been someone close to us, so we know how scary heart diseases can be! After all, without a healthy heart, the rest of the organs are quickly affected.

The heart is a vital organ which pumps oxygenated blood to various organs of the body, to keep their functions going smoothly.

If the heart itself is affected by an ailment, then the blood flow to the other parts of the body could become inhibited and result in multiple organ failures too!

The key to a healthy heart is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, by consuming a healthy balanced diet, with food which is rich in all the nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, etc.

Also, exercising on a regular basis and including cardiovascular exercises to your regimen can also help keep your heart healthy. Vices such as smoking, excessive drinking, indulging in recreation drugs, stress, etc., can put the health of your heart at risk.

Now, there are certain signs of heart ailments like chest pain, fatigue, etc., that we may be able to recognise.

However, there are a few unexpected signs of heart problems too that you must become aware of to be more prepared with the situation; have a look.


1. Sexual Dysfunction

Whether you are a man or a woman, having problems in the bedroom department can be very embarrassing and frustrating. Normally, people think that erectile dysfunction (men) and frigidity (women), can be due to various other factors; however, heart issues can also cause them, as a weak heart cannot pump enough blood to the genital areas during sex.


2. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition in which the flow of blood against the arteries is too high, resulting in a number of negative symptoms. Now, many people feel that high blood pressure is a symptom of heart ailments; however, it could be the other way round too. High BP could be a sign of a pre-existing heart condition!


3. Constant Cough

Normally, cough is a symptom of a viral flu or a respiratory condition, so people never relate it with heart diseases. However, when the heart doesn't pump enough blood to your lungs, it could dry up and cause a persistent cough, so it is also a sign.


4. Breathing Trouble

If you are experiencing trouble in breathing and you feel like you have a chest congestion, it may not always be respiratory issues or wheezing like most people think, again when the heart doesn't pump enough blood to the lungs, this symptom occurs, showing that you may have heart ailments.


5. Lack Of Body Hair

Yes! This symptom may sound surprising because most women yearn for a hair-less body, right? However, a small amount of hair on your body is a sign of normal health, and so when you notice a lack of body hair, especially in men, which happens suddenly, it could be a sign of heart trouble caused by poor circulation of blood.


6. Leg Swelling

Leg and feet swelling could have a number of causes, including weight gain, pregnancy, high blood pressure, etc. It can also be a sign of heart trouble because when your heart doesn't pump enough blood to the leg area, the veins push excess fluid into the leg and feet region, causing swelling.


7. Neck Pain

Many people assume that neck pain could be caused by bad posture, a slight sprain caused during working out, etc. However, if the neck pain is persistent, then get it checked for a heart disease known as ‘angina', as neck pain is one of its symptoms.


8. Swollen Gums

Again, a lot of people tend to think that swollen gums are the result of poor oral hygiene or cavities; however, gums tend to get inflamed from the poor circulation of blood, as a result of an existing heart ailment.


9. Nausea

Usually nausea is associated with digestive ailments; however, it can also indicate the presence of heart diseases, as the chest and upper stomach area can get constricted when the blood circulation is poor, making a person feel nauseated.

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