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Reasons You Should Not Sleep Immediately After Your Dinner

By Sripriya Satish

After a heavy dinner, does the cozy bed beckon you to have a nice snooze? This is a common act because a heavy meal often makes one feel drowsy.

But does this routine have positive effects on our system? I am afraid, the answer is no!

Come on readers! Let us discover the reasons why you should not sleep immediately after dinner!

Before we go into the crux of the article let us enlighten ourselves as to why our body is not active after a heavy meal!

After consuming dinner our system works very hard in digesting the food contents and our brain directs the blood to flow away from all the organs to aid in the digestion process.

As a result, when the blood is directed away from the brain it is natural for it to become exhausted and in need of some rest.

This contributes to the reason for your drowsiness. Now let us know the negative effects of giving the sleep your body wants after a heavy meal!


1. Heartburn:

When you lie down right after your last meal of the day, the acid which aids in the digestion process, tends to rise up the oesophagus and can move up to the throat. This may cause a burning sensation around the chest area which is often referred to as heartburn. This may, in turn, lead to a disturbed sleep.


2. Affects Sleep Quality:

When your body takes a snooze, it is always best even for the digestive system to take it's much-needed rest. Sleeping right after a meal is not advised as doing so may lead to insomnia, a sleep disorder.

We all might know what happens if our quality of sleep gets affected. Our inability to perform our best during the day may largely be attributed to the quality of our sleep. So it is best not to keep our stomach full when we slump into the bed to get a sound sleep!


3.Increases Diabetes Risk:

Sugar levels in the blood may shoot up when you lie down after eating without doing any activity. This may lead to the increased risk of type II diabetes. It is always advisable to go to sleep only after 2 hours of having dinner.


4. Difficulty In Digestion:

We are at a greater risk of indigestion as our body is not designed to carry out the digestion process when we collapse into the couch soon after a heavy meal. Bloating and acid reflux are not so good for proper digestion.

When we lie down there is no help of gravity to push the contents of food down into our stomach. Also, due to the improper closing of the valve between the stomach and food pipe, chances are that the acids which should aid in the digestion process get pushed up into the oesophagus thus causing the corrosion of the inner lining of the food pipe.


5. Stroke Risk:

Optimal digestion can lead to the advantage of maintaining optimal blood pressure and cholesterol levels in our body. The failure of which may lead to the increased risk of various ailments such as stroke. According to various studies, sleeping after eating has the disadvantage of causing acid refluxes in our system which may also lead to strokes.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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