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4 Scientific Reasons Why Taking A Break From Social Media Can Be Healthy

If you are someone who spends a whole lot of time on facebook, twitter and other such social media platforms, then you would definitely be curious about this article, right?

Well, as we have it today, it is rather impossible to function without social media.

Literally every job that exists, requires social media to function, to make their mark in the digital world, to advertise themselves, etc.

So, if you are someone who is working in the corporate sector, then, working constantly on social media would be a must.

Also, the other aspect of social media usage involves, socialising, staying in touch, receiving entertaining news and stories and so on.

So, between work and entertainment, a person becomes completely hooked to social media without even realising.

A recent research study has opined that using social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc, may not be healthy for you.

So, find out why taking a break from social media can prove to be healthy.


1. Reduces Obesity Risk

When a person is spending a lot of time on various social media platforms, it means that he/she is sitting or lying down at one place, in front of their phones or computers and going through the social media feeds. So, they are not getting enough physical activity that helps burn calories. Also, long hours using social media means less time for exercise, thus increasing their risk of obesity.


2. Lowered Risk Of Depression

Using social media constantly, especially when you keep looking at "happy" posts by people, it could make the user feel that his/her own life is not good enough, leading to self-esteem issues that may later turn into depression. Social media use has also contributed to body-image issues among youngsters.


3. Makes You More Social

Taking a break from social media can be helpful in making you more social and give you more time to meet and get to know people, outside the virtual world. Meeting more people and socialising can reduce loneliness and depression.


4. Increases Memory Power

A research study has found that constantly using your phone and computer can lead to the depletion of grey matter in your brain that can affect your memory, so staying away form social media usage for a while can improve your memory.

Story first published: Friday, January 13, 2017, 17:27 [IST]
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