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Is Period Sex Safe? Things You Need To Know If You're Having An Intercourse While On Your Periods

Sex during periods is a subject of taboo that not many want to delve into.

It is either a completely impossible task or people do not want to talk about it.

Women's menstrual period is the first concern when people starting to have sex think about.

Another thing that you're slightly more concerned about is the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, if you're having unprotected sex during menstruation.

can you have sex during period

This is because, the cervix is more open this time and the endometrium will be preset out. This increases the chances of leaving unwanted pathogens inside.

So, you need to be aware of your partner's STD status and accordingly use a condom during this time to protect yourself.

Periods sex can definitely be messy and your bedsheets will definitely take a toll after you're done with it.

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In this article, we have cleared a few doubts on this topic which commonly occur on people's mind like 'can we have sex during periods'? So, read further to know more.

1. Orgasms Can Ease Cramps & Symptoms Of PMS:

Endorphins are released during orgasms and this can relieve PMS symptoms as well as the regular menstrual cramps. This also depends on the strength and intensity of the climax. Vaginal orgasms help more in alleviating the pain.

2. Menstrual Blood Is Not Harmful For The Penis:

Most people are still under the impression that menstrual blood is impure and can carry infections. The truth is a big NO! The menses is a combination of healthy blood and tissues that the body does not require. Hence, it carries no harm.

3. Orgasm Can Speed Up The Release Of Menstrual Blood:

Orgasm can increase the rate at which the waste in the endometrial part is expelled from the body. This can inturn decrease the duration of your periods.

4. Acts As A Natural Lubricant:

You wouldn't require any lube if you're having sex at this time. The menstrual blood itself acts as a natural lubricant.

5. Yes, You're More Likely To Spread STDs:

Sex during your periods can contribute to STDs like HIV and many more. This is because the cervix is slightly more open during this time and it can put you at a higher risk of contracting an infection.

6. You Can Still Get Pregnant:

Ovulation can also occur close to your menstruation cycle. Further, the sperm can remain alive for up to seven days. Hence, it is actually possible to get pregnant while you're menstruating.

7. Yes, It May Hurt For Some People:

Though having sex during this time helps in relieving cramps, it can hurt as while you're at it. This is because your cervix gets thrusted against and this can lead to more discomfort and pain.

8. There Are Many People Out There Who Have Sex During This Time:

You're not alone if you want to try having sex during periods. There are at least 30% people out there who are sexually active during this time.

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