Most Common Causes Of Glaucoma That You Need To Know

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Glaucoma is a type of an eye-disorder that leads to the optic nerve damage, which further can lead to vision loss. It occurs when the trabecular meshwork in the eye gets blocked. It prevents the aqueous humor from flowing properly in the region.

The blood vessel that prevents the trabecular meshwork will also prevent the proper blood flow. There are several other reasons that can increase the risk of glaucoma. This article mainly deals with the most common causes of glaucoma.

causes of glaucoma

As you age, the risk factor for getting glaucoma increases. It mostly occurs in people who are over the age of 40 years. People who suffer from short-sightedness are also likely to suffer from glaucoma. So, if you have been wondering, why does glaucoma occur, this article has the answer.

People who are diagnosed with ocular hypertension are at a higher risk of getting a pressure in the eye that is likely to develop into a glaucoma.

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This article deals with the common causes of glaucoma that you need to know of. Individuals who get diabetes are also at an increased risk of developing glaucoma.

Read further to know the causes of glaucoma.


1. Poor Blood Flow In The Eye:

As per studies, it was found that reduced blood flow to the optic nerve turned out to be a common factor that could lead one to develop glaucoma. So, if you have been wondering, how do you get glaucoma, you might have go an answer.


2. Structural Defects:

Some people may get a narrow angle between the cornea and iris, which may result in fluid drainage. This may also lead to glaucoma.

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3. Eye Injuries:

Injury in the eye can lead to traumatic glaucoma. Eye injury can lead to an improper drainage of fluid.


4. Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome:

This is a condition in which flakes of fibrous material may peel off the eye's lens. This material will prevent the fluid drainage from the eye and also increase the pressure, thus leading to glaucoma.


5. Optic Nerve Damage:

Individuals who suffer from high intraocular pressure have an increased risk of getting the pressure-sensitive optic nerve to be highly susceptible to any damage. This is one of the top causes of glaucoma.

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6. Medical Conditions:

Certain medical conditions can also lead to a reduction in the perfusion that can further lead to the development of glaucoma. Perfusion is the process of blood flow through the body.


7. Abnormal Buildup of Beta-Amyloid Proteins:

As per research, it was found that buildup of a protein called beta-amyloid in the retina of the eye and in the brain tissue is responsible for the development of glaucoma and also Alzheimer's disease.


8. Use Of Steroids:

This is one of the most common causes of glaucoma. Long-term use of steroids seems to increase the risk factor of glaucoma as per various research studies, especially oral steroids.

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