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Natural Compounds That Will Help Improve Our Eyesight

By Sravia Sivaram

There are several people out there who complain about vision problems. But hardly do they take up this issue seriously and try the right treatment for it.

What they do not understand is, this is one of the major health issues, which causes irreversible damage. In this article, we will give you an idea of the best natural compounds or nutrients in food to improve eyesight.

Human body requires nutritious and good food for eyesight improvement. A proper nutrition is required to maintain eye health and vision. It caters to every part of the eye namely the cornea, macula, pupil, retina, iris, lens, optic nerve and vitreous humor.

Some of the reasons affecting our eyesight are ageing, dust, genetics, straining, staring at the computer screen for longer hours and exposure to chlorine or automobile fumes.

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So, if you have been wondering how to improve eyesight naturally at home, you needn't go elsewhere. This article is the right place for you.

There are nutrients or natural compounds in foods that will help to improve eyesight. Foods rich in proteins and minerals are considered the best to help with our vision.

Read further to know about these nutrients that will help improve eyesight.


1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

These help improve the nerve condition in retina. Omega-3 FA also reduces macular degeneration and wards off glaucoma conditions. Some examples of foods containing this are dark leafy vegetables, soya beans, walnut oils and flax seeds.


2. Omega-6 Fatty Acids:

These acids help in protecting the eyes and other cells from degeneration. It can be found in sunflower oil, grape seeds, etc.


3. Carotenoids:

These play a key role in improving eyesight and also help with providing a clearer vision. It is also considered as one of the best nutrients that will help improve eyesight. Foods rich in Vitamin A contain carotenoids and these are carrots, lettuce, sweet potatoes, fish, etc.


4. Anthocyanosides:

They are chemical compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. These are antioxidants and are found to be in plenty in bilberries. Bilberry is known as the vision herb. It helps in reducing vision-related problems.


5. Lutein:

It is an antioxidant and aids in protecting the eye from the free radical changes caused by UV radiation. Foods like spinach, lettuce and broccoli contain this compound in plenty.


6. Astaxanthin:

It is a fat-soluble carotenoid and it helps in reducing cataract risks, retinal detachments and macular degeneration. Foods like shrimp, crab, carrots, salmon and lobster contain this.


7. Zeaxanthin:

It a natural antioxidant that protects the eye from absorbing the blue light of UV rays. It also prevents macular-related disorders and macular degeneration.


8. Amino Acids:

Amino acids help in preventing several harmful effects that cause eye disorders. These protect the eye from free radical changes and aid with blood circulation to and within the retina. Foods like milk, fish, meat, onions, garlic, etc., help replenish the body with essential amino acids.


9. Vitamins:

Vitamin-rich foods are the best to improve eyesight. Vitamin helps increase the blood circulation, strengthens capillaries and also reduces the strain to the eyes. Foods like oranges, yellow vegetables, apricots, kale and mangoes help maintain eye health. Further, you must go for foods rich in Vitamins A, C and E.

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Story first published: Monday, January 23, 2017, 13:30 [IST]
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