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Main Reasons Why You're Gaining Weight At Work

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This is a common problem faced by many with a desk job. Weight gain is an inevitable fact when you have a desk job.

Sitting at your desk for many hours can also have a psychological effect on your body.

There are several reasons why you're putting on pounds at your work place. Here are the main reasons why its happening to you. Once you know about the reasons why your gaining weight at your work, you can make some mild changes to whatever you're doing now.

weight gain at work

This will help get rid of weight gain at work.

In this article we have mentioned the reasons for weight gain at work.


1. Eating For The Company Even When You're Full:

A coworkers birthday, homemade cookies or if your colleague is alone and you have got to give them company, then these small slices will give you extra inches to your waist.


2. You're Not Eating Mindfully:

When hunger is torturing you during a hard day at work, then all that you want to do is to get rid of healthy homemade food and go for unhealthy pizzas and fried foods.


3. Lighting And Room Temperature That Can Affect Your Appetite:

Researches have found that dimly lit rooms can boost your appetite. The lighting of the room can affect your desire to eat more and less when the light is bright.


4. Working For Hours:

Working for longer hours can also affect the weight of an individual. Lack of free time also implies, no time to exercise. Also, lack of sleep can regulate your appetite and cause hunger.


5. Stress And Deadlines Can Put You Under Pressure:

A consistent level of stress at work can be one of the main reasons for weight gain. It increases the levels of stress and trigger cortisol, which is a hunger hormone.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 26, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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