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Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Fall Asleep Fast

By Sravia Sivaram

Is falling asleep the most difficult thing for you? Then, it is time you brought about some necessary changes to your lifestyle.

The root cause of all your sleeping woes is anxiety. Hence, you need to bring about some major changes to your daily habits. This will help in bringing about a dramatic change to your daily struggle.

Anxiety will give you a tough time in trying to fall asleep. This can occur for several days and decrease your overall productivity.

A good 7-8 hours of sleep can actually do wonders to your body. It makes you feel rejuvenated and fresh and also gives you a range of other benefits.

Sleep is very vital for all living beings and that is the time when you'll be able to get a proper rest. Spending your time on gadgets is on of the reasons on why you're not getting enough sleep.

Not getting enough sleep will also make you fat. Skimping on fat will make you fat and no amount of exercise can compromise on this.

Once your sleep cycle is affected, you'll also start making bad food choices throughout the day. Missing out on a few hours of sleep can actually impact your sleep negatively.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the top methods that will let you know how to fall asleep faster. So, continue reading in order to know about the tips to fall asleep faster.


1. Get Up And Do Something:

Once you find it difficult to fall asleep, engage your brain in a jigsaw puzzle or listen to some soulful music. You can also pick a paper and pencil and write something, or you can read a book. This will help you sleep fast.


2. Try To Keep Yourself Awake:

This is based on reverse psychology. If you lie down on the bed and open your eyes, it will help you fall asleep faster.


3. Do Not Eat A Heavy Dinner:

An early dinner will help with weight loss as well as sleep better. The stomach has to digest the food, hence sleeping on a full stomach will make you gain fat and also make sleeping a difficult task. This will let you know how to fall asleep fast.


4. Avoiding Watching TV & Ditch The Gadgets:

Switch off your TV, mobiles and tabs at least 1-2 hours before hitting the bed. The blue light from these gadgets interferes with the melatonin level in the body, which is a sleep-inducing hormone.


5. The Bedroom Atmosphere:

The atmosphere of your bedroom also plays a vital role in your sleep. You need to make your bedroom pitch dark and noise free as much as possible. This is one of the top methods to fall asleep fast.


6. Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is known to get rid of stress and calms the body too. Popular scents like vanilla, lavender, marjoram and so on can help. You can spray it on the pillow or in the air. This will help induce sleep.


7. Take A Warm Shower Before Bed:

Taking a warm shower before hitting the bed will help you relax and also make your body go into the sleep mode as you enter the room. This is one of the best tips to fall asleep.


8. Stop Looking At The Clock:

Looking at the clock while you're lying on the bed will stress you out even more. This makes it very difficult for you to fall asleep. This will let you know how to fall asleep instantly.


9. Do Some Stretching Exercises:

Stretching exercises are known to help you sleep faster. Yoga and gentle stretching will help tighten the muscles for a few seconds and then release. This helps induce sleep and also help get rid of the pain in the body with the work stress. This is one of the best tips to fall asleep fast.


10. Don't Take Caffeine After 4 PM:

Caffeine interferes with your sleep cycle. So, you need to restrict yourself from having tea, coffee and also alcohol after 4 PM. Doing this will help you fall asleep instantly at night as soon as you hit the bed.

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