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Is It Healthy To Use Air Conditioners?

When the heat is unbearable, air conditioning units offer solace. But wait. Today, most of us spend almost the whole day in air-conditioned workplaces and go home to switch on the AC in the bed room. Is it really safe to spend so much of time in air conditioned spaces?

No, air conditioners not really healthy! Forget about your skin getting dry or hair becoming affected due to the dry atmosphere that air conditioners create, there are more effects on your health.

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Today, the shopping malls, the multiplexes, the work spaces and even the spas and resorts that you spend your weekends are air-conditioned spaces. Let us discuss how unhealthy they are.


Air-Conditioners Suck The Moisture

Firstly, air-conditioners suck the moisture out of the surrounding air. And even the moisture in your skin gets pulled out by the air conditioner. That's why your skin becomes dry. Dryness can cause irritation too. You may develop wrinkles soon.

They Cause Headaches And Cold

In some people, air conditioned spaces could cause headaches, respiratory issues and even cold and flu.

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They Stress Up Your System

On a sunny day, when you walk into an AC room or when you walk out of an air conditioned space and enter a hot environment, your body finds it challenging to adjust itself to the sudden changes in temperature. That may stress your health.

They Make Your Health Conditions Worse

Air conditioned spaces also make the symptoms of some health conditions worse. Arthritis, low BP and certain other disorders become worse when you spend more time in air conditioned spaces.

They Cause Fatigue

Some of us even tremble or shiver a bit when the AC is too cold. That condition could cause fatigue and even headache.

They Weaken You

If you are habituated to an AC, you may not be able to adjust yourself to natural weather conditions. And when the climate becomes hot and if you are exposed to it, you may fall sick faster. Some people even die due to hot climate.

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Is There Any Remedy?

If your workplace is air conditioned, avoid using an AC at home. Drink sufficient water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. If your bed room has an AC, place a basin in a corner and fill it with water. This gets moisture into the room.

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