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    Is Deworming Necessary?


    Most of us think that only children need de-worming but today, even adults need the same. Today's diet, lifestyle and even environmental factors are making the immune system weaker.

    When your immunity is not so strong, it becomes easy for the worms and bacteria to get into your body and wreck havoc.

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    How to find out that you have worms inside you? Well, sugar carvings, stomach pain, feeling hungry all the time, headaches, a desire to eat mud and even head lice could be signs that you have worms inside you! Here are more facts.


    Fact #1

    How do these worms get inside you? If you walk barefoot in contaminated areas, the eggs of some types of worms could get into your skin and enter your system. That is one way in which worms infest your system.


    Fact #2

    Sometimes, the eggs of worms get inside through the food you eat. Yes, some fruits, vegetables, meat and fish contain the eggs of roundworm. That is why you must carefully wash such foods before consumption.


    Fact #3

    Using contaminated water either for drinking purposes or for washing your foods could cause infections.

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    Fact #4

    Pets can also be one reason for transferring the eggs. Improper hygiene, open air defecation or walking on soil that is contaminated with the excreta of an infected person may also increase the chances of getting infected.


    Fact #5

    Drinking bonebroth is one good way to deworm yourself as the bone marrow contains substances that help in de-worming. But prepare broth only from the bones of pasture raised animals.

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    Fact #6

    Eating fermented foods is another way to deworm though it sounds contradictory. Yes, good bacteria can fight bad bacteria and other types of parasitic worms. Fermented foods contain good bacteria.


    Fact #7

    Prepare a juice using garlic, apples and spinach. Drink the juice in the morning as a substitute for breakfast. Do this for two days. The worms will starve and get eliminated from your body.

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    Fact #8

    Consume a teaspoon of castor oil and wait for a few hours. If your bowels start moving, the worms may get flushed out of your system!

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