Irregular Periods Troubling You? Then Steer Clear Of These Habits Right Away!

Are you one of those who is never sure of when your menstrual cycle will begin? Have you noticed any difference in your cycles lately?

You need to pay attention to your periods for any major changes that might take place. Your cycle can become longer, shorter, lighter or less frequent without you even realising it.

Did you know there are some everyday habits that can mess with your menstrual cycle?

how to get rid of irregular periods
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Irregular periods is medically known as oligomenorrhoea, which is a common issue among women. Many factors can cause this problem like eating disorders, excessive weight loss or gain, anaemia, menopause, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalance, liver diseases, tuberculosis, miscarriage and other health conditions.

Certain lifestyle habits can also trigger this condition. In this article we'll let you know how to get rid of irregular periods. Read further to know some of the top reasons for irregular periods.

1. Boozy Nights:

Boozy nights can give you more than just a hangover. Did you know just a few drinks can disturb your cycle? Alcohol can increase the levels of oestrogen and testosterone in your body that can temporarily affect your cycle and cause irregularities.

2. Body Weight:

Sudden weight loss or weight gain can throw your hormones out of balance. This can in turn affect ovulation. Being overweight can cause an excessive production of oestrogen and being underweight can lead to an insufficient production of oestrogen in your body. This can affect your cycle seriously. This is one of the top reasons for irregular periods.

3. Enough Sleep:

Irregular sleep patterns can also affect your periods. Not getting enough sleep can result in longer periods and irregularities that disrupt the regular functioning of the body. This will let you know how to get periods regularly.

4. Excessive Exercise:

Vigorous exercises can put stress on your body and can slow down the production of hormones. This can shut down your periods. This will let you know how to get rid of irregular periods .

5. Major Stress:

Major stress can disrupt your cycle. Stress can mess with the production of important hormones. It can temporarily result in erratic periods.

6. Pills:

If you have started taking birth control pills regularly, then you'll see some fluctuations in your cycle until your body adjusts to this change. Spotting can occur for the first 2 or 3 months until the cycle is regulated.

7. Smoking:

Women who smoke can experience the worst symptoms of PMS. Smoking messes with the levels of reproductive hormones likes oestrogen, progesterone, etc., and can cause short or irregular periods. Not smoking at all can help you know how to overcome irregular periods naturally.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 17, 2017, 12:45 [IST]
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