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Why It Hurts To Sit Down During Period?


For some women, it hurts to sit down during period. Some women experience pain passing stool during period. Why is it so?

During periods, experiencing pain at the back side is not uncommon. It occurs in some women, say health experts.

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What could be the reason the behind such a pain in the rear? Well, health experts suspect muscle tension. Here are some other reasons.


Is It Muscle Tension?

Buttocks are surrounded by muscles and when lot of pressure is exerted on the muscles then it could pain a lot. Bloating, swelling of the uterus and cramps could also cause the butt pain.


Is It Spasm?

When tension in the muscles increases, it could cause spasm. This could result in pain in the pelvis, lower back and even the butt.

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Is It Due To Uterus?

Some health experts opine that butt pain during periods could occur when the uterus tilts a bit. That could occur in very rare cases. But in such cases, the cramps are experienced in the rear.


Is It Serious?

Mild soreness in the rear during a period is not really a serious condition. But if it pains severely, then consult a doctor.


Can The Pain Be Controlled?

It helps if the muscles are relaxed through mild exercise, yoga, massage, or a warm bath. Ask your doctor if you need a painkiller. If the pain persists, ask the doctor to detect whether it is endometriosis.


Could It Be Fibroids?

One reason could also be uterine fibroids which enlarge the uterus and cause butt pain. If that is the case, heavy bleeding could occur.

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Could It Be Constipation?

In some cases, pain in the butt during periods could also be due to constipation. Drink water and eat fibre-rich foods to reduce the pain.


What If The Pain Never Goes Away?

Then it could be irritable bowel syndrome. Generally, if the pain is mild in the normal days and severe during the periods then it could be IBS. Consult a doctor soon.

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